Sunday, December 18, 2005

Being a doll with hypnosis

ethusiasts of the hypnotic genre will already know this site ;
which deals with a whole range of different fetishes that can be experienced with hypnosis.

A recent add only two weeks ago is one to become a Barbie Doll, but seems its not free, you need to sign up for a month to several month pass to the site.

Still there's over a 180 people who downloaded it and are now becoming dolls....

but check out the yahoo group dollcollective for a what may well be the source file they're working from.


Asudem Latex said...

well its now almost 300 downloads!!!

Wow - alot of people want to be barbies....


Asudem Latex said...

Looks like the script was nicked - or sourced if you like - from the Dollcollective yahoo group. Without permission too.

So go there and get the real thing.


Lyddie said...

Yeah, but you gotta be desperate for that place. The voice of the guy on that site is wet and groggily, and the files are low quality at best. He studders through parts of the induction, takes breaths, snorts, sniffs, and swallows loudly. And the files used to all be free- but suddenly he's made up some excuse about pay pal to make them all cost money. Not worth it at all. You can most definitely do better.

Anonymous said...

cardigan made a very nice(latex related) file that i recommend