Friday, December 30, 2005

The Latex Hood - making dolls of fetish models

Is it just me, or is the popular HW Design latex hood making everyone look well - the same - almost as if they're all from the same production line.

It seems to erase the person yet they're still kinda visible. The wearers face is sealed underneath a clear thin layer of latex giving them a glossy shine.... Its like they've all joined the same cult - to be transformed into dolls.

A variety of colours are available too, so your not stuck with basic black or red. Deep purple is yummy and the crimson red is to die for.

Go have a look around the preview pages of top fetish models website, see how many you can find wearing that very hood.

Oohh.. and if you not tried one on - they're ever so thin and tight. Really comfortable too, I could wear one forever....


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latext said...

semi transparent latex has always been my favourite colour. You can kinda see the face/skin behind it but it's also hidden by the shiny tight latex..yum yum...hehe