Friday, December 30, 2005

Reviewed: Die Puppensammlerin

not by me but by the people at World of Rubber:

Rated 5 out of 5!!!! and 6 out of 5 for the outfits.


In Contessa Antonella’s life everything revolves around luxury and rubber. Naturally, the dolls she collects are in rubber as well. However, this collection of dolls is unique because they consist of dolls that are alive - living toys for everyday life.
She owns prostitute-dolls to finance her luxury, servant-dolls to serve her around the glock, and of course the most important for the Contessa, love-dolls to fulfill her insatiable sexual appetite.

buy it here:

Notice its HW's top seller - so I guess its just not me with these fantasies.

Anyone see it? Anyone met the Rubber Sisters? I read somewhere that one is a man and the other a real woman.



Schneelocke said...

One of them (Monica) is really a man, yes - they're a married couple. I haven't met them (and I'm not sure they're really keen on contact, anyway), but they have a bunch of pictures on Marti's website here:

If you haven't seen those pictures yet, be sure to check them out, and enjoy them. ^_~

WinterRose said...

Wow... Lucky Husband. I wondered before who those folks were in a photoset I'd happened onto where a fella had been done up as a french-maid doll in that familiar iron collar. Thanks for that link!


latext said...

ya...lucky husband indeed...

Onij said...

I have tons of pics of the rubber sisters on my site. email me at if you want the link

Anonymous said...

my fantasy is that 2 rubber mistress capture me and transform into their rubber sex doll.
the doll must be with big breasts filled with water, small weist and a big round ass.
next they put me a butt plug in my small ass and infalted to the limit.
and finally my mouth will be filled with another butt plug so that i could only moan of pleasure.

My wardrobe will be a black catsuit. with holes in my nipples, ass and vagina.