Sunday, January 15, 2006

Poety for the living doll

I can't remecommend the Legacy of Timeless Beauty enough for its great collection of fiction. Go check it out, indulge your largest sexual organ. And when you've finished with all the ones that relate to your particular kink, then have a dip into some of the other ones. You may pick up a new obsession. ;-)

This was just posted in the last updat there and it sums up some of my feelings.

by Palesoles

I stand here unblinking, unmoving, unable to move a muscle,
I wait longingly for your return.
Anticipating your caresses on my frozen body,
the way you trace your fingers across my breasts,
over my legs and arms.
Knowing that I am unable to reciprocate.
Even to the thrill that runs silently through me,
I show no reaction.
My mind screams in ecstacy from your touch
as I am trapped in this shell of plastic.
I am simply a work of art created by you for you to possess,
a living sculpture for your pleasure and mine.



pyewacket said...

I found a good way for instant Plushie.There are alot of second hand stores around here with alot of soft toys. I find the best ones ,cut the heads off, take out the stuffing,make eyeholes and create a costume using the head as a start.Other furr can be used to make mittens or shoes.
I have "teddy Bear" and now "Lone Wolf". Thanks for this inspiring blog.-

Asudem Latex said...

sounds like fun. I had an email from and it seems their valentines event is called 'animal love' and are looking for plushies to attend.

pitty barbies are soo small.. never get my head or even toe into one of those alas.