Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We're on the map... we're not alone!!!

the fetish road map as created by author gone native katherine gates.


the link has a clickable version of the map with articles and more links on the various fetishes. her book 'Deviant Desires' is out of print but used copies should be available on amazon.com

how may of the fetishes do you have on it? i can count a few.....



MC Fan said...

Interesting map; one thing I don't see on it is a large category for control (whether its being controlled against your will or controlling another).

Bradley said...

Hmm, fetishes....some of mine might be:

--mind control and hypnosis, obviously,
--dolling, mainly making ladies dollies since I rather suck at being one myself. :P
--tight and shinies, be they lycra, nylon, latex, PVC...shiny women are *kewl*,
--clothes that tweak the way a lady moves, whether she wants it or not (likely a stuck category): corsets, heels, pencil/hobble skirts, etc.
--mild secondary interest in inflation, mainly bodily/curve expansion, breasts, hips, buttocks getting bigger, as the waist stays tiny...
--mild secondary interest in masking as that applies the above body-mod-meme to faces (the whole anime-big-Bambi-eyes thing)

Turn OFFs:

--messiness...not just the Messy Fetish mind, but the whole "let's obsess with bodily fluids" nonsense that passes for mainstream adult entertainment.
--Pr0nStar-style nasty language. I used to work in an Adult Video Store, so maybe I overdosed on it, but frankly I think some of the *language* is overkill and too much. We don't NEED to cheapen sex further thanks...
--the whole "manly man/jock/bear" thing, where folks get into what I see as the opposite of dolling: hairiness, the big veiny muscles, huge size and roughness...nope, none of that strikes me as engaging. Don't hate me for being straight I guess, *lol*. :) (no disrespect meant to the furries either...fur and human-style hairiness are two different things of course)

TSG said...

"I like simple pleasures, like butter in my ass, lollipops in my mouth. That's just me. That's just something that I enjoy."

Anonymous said...

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