Tuesday, April 04, 2006

another doll survey....

not here but at rubberist.net here

the basis of the discussion and resulting survey is about crossing dressing in rubber and the transformation into a different character through clothes and masks.

dutchbloke2005 started the thread thus:

"i just wondered, is/was there a poll in Iar, explaining the reasons why its almost a trend of males wanting to transform into rubber dolls, seeing the increasing flood of attempts?

at first years ago when i started noticing the upcomming of transformed dolls , i merelly thought it was because Demask had started producing the doll catsuits with torpedo tits and as it was new, many would love to get the latest rubber trend and started to dress up like that. after a while i wanted to try it out myself , and got me a dolly like suit, but it did not arouse me seeing myself like that, so i suppose it s not just in the gear, there are some deeper emotional feelings behind it

i wonder now, if with time there will be new outfit emerging, will all swapp into 'the new thing" since they want to be part of the scene and follow up new trends.so it s almost a fashion thing. for myself i found out it doesnt work out for me, so next time i will pass

next thing that puzzled me was there is a reasonable number of males being transformed by their Dom owners, mostly females wanting to transform their male subbies into rubber dolls with all sort of bdsm female dressing and including latex female masks, trying to take their real identity away and force them into a new controlled life. it s part of humilation i believe, denying males their own identity," since males dont have rights". at least i suppose thats what is behind it. my own bdsm interest plays up here" continues....

go check it out.



Bradley said...

Hmm, I can't access the survey...and from DutchBloke's comments, I don't know whether I should be bothered to login, register and etc. at Rubberist.net just to get access to one poll...

This is the one thing that irritates me about the age of spam online: it used to be you could link to just about anywhere on the net and not have to leave a trail of registrations and repeated entries of email addresses (all in browser memory until you close the browser, by the way). Not anymore, now most places insist you register before even letting you have read-only access to forums and such. :(

Oh well, like I said, the comments here by that one DutchBloke really didn't inspire me to do much anyway. :p

Anonymous said...

Just a comment on men-as-dolls: it doesn't have to be cross dressing. There is a a fairly active community of men who like the total encasement and objectification aspects, but don't see their alter egos as female or try to look female. I love being locked in latex, but the creature so created is definitely male.


Asudem Latex said...

there is a school of thought that says if you don't have anything nice or even usefull to say then don't say anything....... :P


pyewacket said...