Friday, May 05, 2006

the smell of dolls....

i just spotted this on so i figured i'd share it all with you here. its an online site doing a range of unique and some could say weird fragrances.

sugar and spice and all things nice.... in fact you can smell exactly like that. some of the scents include cotton candy, pink lemonaide, bubble gum and different types of cookies.

the ones which are mentioned on are the ones you'll all find interesting.... Vinyl, Leather or Rubber

the fragrances can come in different sizes and applications: 1 oz Cologne Spray, 3 oz Bath & Body Oil, 3.4 oz Bath & Shower Gel, 4 oz Calming Lotion, 4 oz Cologne Spray or 4 oz Room Spray.

prices start at 14$-ish.


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sick puppy said...

Great site.