Sunday, May 14, 2006

very extreme heel training from Marquis..

a curious find from SteveMND - ballet or hoof boot training from the website. these are a long time away for me even if i were to decide to try something this extreme. i'll stick with not being able to get into my 6"s court shoes for now.

they are described:

"These wicked foot trainers are designed to train the foot to wear extremely high heeled shoes, ballet boots or ponyboots. A must for all dedicated heel fetishists, they train the foot over night by restraining it in a vertical position.

A new development from the Marquis workshops, handmade from chromed steel, with shiny black or red vinyl straps and chromed buckles. Available in S (women's size 37-39) or L (men's size 41-44);

price per pair. 499.00 EUR on sale 399.00 EUR"

if you want to buy them you can go directly to their site here.

curiously people who have bought these also bought the very yummy doll mask which i am still so lusting after.... looks like other people are making dollies too.



Kramel said...

seems good, but put the toes into a point. They look like they're based on the trainers that ballet dances use. Great for ballet boots/shoes, but less so for 6 inch heels that require a 90 degree bend at the toes

pyewacket said...

im reminded of the chinese tradition of foot binding. Regardless of how things the long run your in for back and foot problems.
Im awaiting my doll ballet shoes myself so im not one to complain but does the issue concern people? A bad back isnt the most pleasurable of pain.

pyewacket said...

excuse my previous post.I know nothing about the effects of long term use, mearly interested.What IS the down side?