Friday, June 02, 2006

how many fetish models have done the doll thing?

thanks for sending the set in. you all will recognise her as Dita Von Tease, now Mrs Marilyn Manson as a pupet.

there were more of course, but just a bit too close up on certian body parts, which Mr Manson now gets to enjoy all for himself...

and her sites still running (pay)

for a rare set of four 3-D stereo photo's have a look at blackice's homepage 3D Torturegarden book in progress here. he's shot her several times there and say's she's teeny.



blackice said...

I figured I'd better explain that it actually possible to view these stereo pairs in proper 3D on the computer screen. First get an image up. Stand way back from the screen and cross your eyes like you do to 'get' a Magic Eye random dot stereogram.

Once it snaps into 3D then slowly approach the screen to get it larger. This should work if you can get the Magic Eyes to work in the first place.

If you loose focus because your too close then simply start over and don't force it.

Hope you like. Books still in Limbo


WinterRose said...

Seeing her beside other women in Andrew Blake's films, she IS teeny.

Anonymous said...

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