Thursday, June 15, 2006

latex insects and transformations....

i have been sticking to my main fetish; the love of latex and dolls, but this artist has a very unique vision and illustrates it in such a detailed manner i just had to share. some, but not all of them do cross over with my own interests.

his work is all about insect women, latex, bubbles, high heels and thigh boots and can be found at

as i've said elsewhere i do have a fixation about balloons and rob of switzerland (yes there's some kinky people there) pushes the boundry between possibilities and imagination to the utter extreme. several of the drawings i'd just love to jump into and be the women in the scenes; while the other more insecty ones i think are pretty gross and skip over quickly.

there's about 30 pages of preview pictures with two or so free full sized images on each to admire. its possible to both buy the originals or simply subscribe for a little while for full access to them all.

his images also have inspired both german and english writers who create fictions around single or multiple images and can be read starting from here. there's several in there that are my favourite, but i'll let you decide which ones those may be. ;-)

note that the images used above are all with rob's permission.




Oneeyedjack said...

Yeah I love his art. Cool stuff. It's good to expand ones horizons. There are many more transformations out there other then dolls and we enjoy them all.

jsan said...

have you read the stories asudem? one i loved was about the woman who is turned into living latex. i think it was called plastique.

Asudem Latex said...

yes there's a few there i loved. another is the island one with the plant, another where the woman gets consumeed into a bubble plant. there's certianly a few.