Saturday, June 03, 2006

new pink latex panties just for me!!!

i've just had an email from ynotynot who kindly in the process of making me a pair of neon pink semi transparent latex panties, hopefully with some frills and cute detailing.

i think my complaining on email to certian people about the plain molded ones becoming tiring caused a chain reaction that has him doing it for me.

thank you!!!! i'll be sure to get a photo of them up when they arrive to my friends PO box.

he's starting off and but he is very active has alot of information on the must use forums at his current ebay listigns are here and he's also known as ebay seller lustre-x on but email him ( if you want anything custom made as i bet he'll help out.

he said he's going live with a website shortly so not too much on ebay and will be doing some shoots with blackice.

i also noticed he's doing hoods in the new listings..... maybe he should start doing doll ones? ;-)



blackice said...

I've still not shot with his designs yet but he did make me a cool pair of loose and fine trousers for latex I supplied him.

There's also the first try at a hood with some clear light pink latex I secured. It was his first one ever and while it looks great - very much like the HW Designs hoods with the clear face, but its a bit too tight for casual wearing.

So how big is your head Jeannie...? Maybe it needs a better home?


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