Monday, July 03, 2006

are they always on sale....?

i just had another email of heavily discounted, slightly damaged latex from westward bound in the uk.

some really lovely complete uniforms there with tight glossy skirts and military styled blouses. how are they?

its worth signing up to their mailing list as they always have very yummy items and about 1/2 the price from their website.

i'd dip into my monthly doll money but i've decided for the month of july to get the clear pink / purple catsuit from one of those far east ebay sellers... something i can wear often as a base for other clothes and my black catsuit is dying too.

so if you order from them let me know how quickly you get it and what the quality is like, ok?



Evil said...

I received my Latex catsuit from China and let's say it is fantastic. It came out of the package all shined up which ment I wasted no time putting it on. I bought it from (finelatex) on ebay and it took 3 weeks to arrive. Mine is a XXL and it seems ti fit like it was custom made for me. I'm soo impressed with the quality that I'm going to order a purple clear one for my wife ASAP.

Asudem Latex said...

oh thats good to hear, i plan on buying on by the end of the month. its july's doll purchase.

maybe one day i'll get a sponsor :-)

or should i put a paypal donate thing and see if anyone can help?