Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the rubberdoll interview.

imagine if you could wear latex as much as you liked, no problem with work clothing guidelines or some such. in fact wearing and showing off your latex clothes was the thing you did. rubber doll just does that. her webpage http://www.rubberdoll.net which is top of a google search for 'rubber doll' shows she's living the dream... (well mine anyway) :-)

so i caught up with her and she was kind enough to answer my interview q's about how she got into it and her clothing collection.

- when did you first encounter latex?

I first encountered latex when I started visiting fetish clubs. Before
then, I had primarily been into gothic fashion. But after seeing the
beauty of skin tight latex, I was immediately hooked and started my

- what was your first piece of latex clothing

The very first item of latex clothing I ever purchased was a Skin Two
one-piece. It had a keyhole cutout on top and a zipper through the
crotch. It was a great garment and I had a lot of fun in it. I
recently sold it on ebay. It was still in great shape but it was time
to let it go and get some newer items. I've always said that latex
clothing is only temporary. You enjoy it while you have it and then
move on to the next item.

- how often do you wear it?

It really depends on how busy I am. Some months are packed full of
parties and photoshoots so I might be in latex several times a week.
Other times, things are a little slower. I think the time when I wore
it the most was when I was in Jamaica for Kink in the Caribbean. I was
wearing 3 or 4 different outfits everyday. That was quite and

- would you consider latex 'work' or just a personal
preference or an addiction?

My interest in latex started purely as a personal preference. I loved
the way it looked and felt and started collecting it. It didn't become
a 'work' thing until I started my website and started producing and
appearing in latex erotica. I don't feel that making my living wearing
latex has taken away from the fun of it at all. In fact, I'm thrilled
that I can now make a living in latex and support myself while doing
something I absolutely love.

- if you could be transformed through magic or
whatever into a living latex doll - would you?

Well, that would depend. Because one of the things I enjoy most about
latex is how versatile it is. I love creating many different looks.
From very classy latex dresses and gowns to very heavy rubber outfits
that include hoods, inflatables, and catsuits. I wouldn't want to be
transformed into any one specific look because I enjoy experimenting
with many different appearances.

- what's in your latex wardrobe?

My latex wardrobe is constantly in a state of flux. I'm always getting
new stuff and selling off older things. Right now, some of my favorite
items are by Torture Garden, Inner Sanctum, Polymorphe, Absolute Danny,
Vex, and Demask. I've also been workign with some new designers, like
Maggie Delena and Venus Prototype on some custom designs and I'm really
impressed by both of them.

- do you think there are many other women so dedicated
to latex as you may be and i definately am?

There are not a lot of women who are totally into rubber, but the
number keeps growing. Women like to wear outfits that make them look
and feel sexy and latex definitely does that. So, I think as more
people discover latex, there will be more and more girls getting into
tight and shiny outfits.

- from an outsiders point of view, what is the appeal
of the latex/rubber doll in your opinion?

People's interest in latex can come from a lot of different areas.
Some people just like how it looks and other enjoy the entire
experience of how it feels, smells, etc. For people who are into
latex/rubber dolls, I think the appeal is based in the ability to
transform yourself into something totally different. It allows you the
freedom to explore areas that you might not have the courage to
experience if you weren't able to transform your exterior into
something new.


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