Friday, October 27, 2006

a very busy busy hypnodomme.....

a long time ago - and i mean a really a long time ago - i wrote an email to Mind Mistress asking about being hypnotised to become/feel as if i was made of latex and how long it would take.

she just replied a few days ago.... seems hypnodommes are highly sought after.

she said:

"It would take about 3 sessions to do the first transformation. And I'd need you to fill out a trance request form.

anyone tried such a thing? does it work? please share.



Roen Fardel said...

Seems you've also discovered that site. I've been to broke to do anything but occasionally browse the IRC channel and read the logs. She really knows what she's doing tho. I'd say go for it.

Dan said...

Yes, she is very skillful. But that alone does not make effective hypnosis. Hypnosis is REAL. But also
it depends on a few variables, that are of the two individuals -
(Hypnotist/subject) character, as to its success.

I find it to be a very personal and intimate experience. And given time it can produce long lasting effects.

I have 2 of Mind Mistresses's CD's but do not use them due to the fact that I am more of a hypnofetishist than having a TG'd personna. They were very effective but I did not want to 'mess' with my core identity.

I could elaborate more should you desire so, jus' don't want to drone on for no reason though mind you ;)

Wrapping up, the brain believes what you tell, AND accept, to it. If NOT, do you think anorexia would be possible???

Take care,