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its part of the series from the author of Seduction Of Lily Eclair. this is part four with them all to be published on

Street Walker Deluxe

Oh!, Hello, you startled me. Why is that you keep coming back? Is it to hear of my sexual explorations, or is it that you are addicted to my beauty and charm? Um? Well no matter, now where was I.. Yes Of course, I was about to tell the story of my Hooker Barbie. Now today's story starts out in Vancouver. Where I found her, standing on the corner. A common hooker, with no hope for a better future. She was fine of figure, little too thin, standing about 4'10.

Driver stop here.

The driver slowed down, and pulled over. To which I rolled down my window. Then this little thing walks over to my window and pokes her head in.

Need some company sugar.

Get in.

Quickly she opens the door, and sits her little butt next to me.

Driver to the hotel.

As my driver performs a sharp u-turn, causing my necklace to fall out of my cleavage, mesmerizing the young girl. Unbuttoning her shirt, I see she has bruises, cuts, and burn marks on her upper body. She must have it rough, poor girl. Realizing that now isn't the time to take advantage of her. Re-buttoning her clothes, I stashed my necklace back into its delightful hiding spot.

Where.... What jest happened?

You fell asleep my dear, you were jest about to tell me your name.

Shaking her head a bit, she spoke


Hello Samantha, my name is Lisa.

Leaning forward, I kiss her lightly on her lips. She begins to push me forward,

Whoa, Whoa, wait, First I don't kiss, next its $100 an hour.

$100? I can get cheaper two blocks over, Driver slow down!

The car starts to loose its speed, when Samantha speaks

Wait, I can go as low as 80 my pimp will be expecting my money soon.

Your owned eh? Tell me where dose this pimp live? I'll give him what he deserves.

Looking nervous and uneasy, Sam looks out the window as she speaks

He lives on 123 fake st. Building number 9876, Apartment 1007.

Thanks doll, Driver take us there.

Looking over this poor creature, I notice an imprint on her neck, could it have been made by a collar.

How did you get that mark on you neck?

Sam looks right at me with an expression of fear, and shock. In her eyes, she raises her hand to her neck and begins to rub.

This is nothing.

It looks like something to me. I own you for the next little while, so how about you tell me or I'll toss you back to you pimp without any money to give him?

NO please don't! He'll kill me if I don't give him his money.


You see, many years ago, my mother was in love with her high school sweet heart. One night, he wanted her to go all the way with him. So she did what any high school girl did, she put out. But she found out three weeks later that she was pregnant with me. My father freaking out, ran away to attend collage. I've never seen him.

Well, my mother was alone and scared, she didn't know what to do, that was until one of my grandfathers business partners took an interest in her. Giving her a "job" at his estate, which was to suck cock, and fuck his brains out. That was until he found she was pregnant. He did take good care of her but when I came into the picture, he hated me. All day long, I was left in my room surrounded by dolls, they where always there for me when I sad, or lonely. When I reached the age of 15, he sold me to his sister, Suzie in Toronto. She came to pick me up and all I had with me was my favorite Barbie doll.

Suzie was happy to see my love of dolls, and decided to try to make me one. First she had my hair bleached to a bright blonde, than she forced me to have lip injections, and butt implants. Next she took me to a fetish shop to try on all of their "clothes" and bought me some outfits to wear. I enjoyed wearing and modeling in them but she looked at me with predator's eyes. After she took me to my new home, Suzie placed a collar around my neck and told me I was her's. For years Suzie taught me how to be a perfect slave. How to walk, what to wear, what to say, until I didn't even have to think anymore, it was second nature to me. That was until one day, Suzie told me I was for her son to marry. She said, "He doesn't have to train you, your obedient, your almost sexy enough, but after the breast augmentation, and a few more lip injections you'll be good enough to look at." Scared and confused, I thought only of escape. When she left me for the night, I opened the door, and slipped out through the back. I ran for hours, until I came to a truck stop, there I found a willing trucker to help me get to Edmonton, and far away from Toronto. When I got to Edmonton, I got out of his truck and walked into the city, disappearing into a large group of people. Living on the streets was really hard but I meet a hooker named Jessie, and told me where I can make a lot of money. Following her, Jessie took me to a dive and introduced me to him, Rockefeller! My pimp.

See, what did I tell you, she's young, never been touched, and also look at that ass. Yummy, wouldn't you agree? Jessie said.

Indeed I would, Ok Jessie, your off the hook. Rockefeller replied

With that Jessie left me and I was at the clutches of him. My first gig was a business man who had a thing for virgins, but I wasn't a real virgin, Suzie had a thing for buggering me. Shortly afterwards, he was wanted by the cops for murder. That's when he moved me to Vancouver where for the past few weeks I've been turning tricks for money. If I don't make at least $500 a day, he beats me.

Breaking down and letting the flood of emotions out, Sam cries on my shoulder.

Shhhhh, its ok, Its going to be ok. There, there, let it all out. I'll take care of everything for you.

Staring at me with tears running down her face and her eyes all red and puffy.

You will?

Of course, I will, but on the condition that you will be living with me, and we change that name of yours.

Really, that's all you want?

Didn't I jest say that!

Pull back out my necklace, I place in front of her and whisper into her ear,

Sleep my dear.

Without a word, Sam fell asleep in my arms. Feeling the heat from her body, as she slowly breathed filled me sexual energy. Then realizing how terrible her life has been. A single tear fell from my eye. Before I do anything, we must get rid of that pimp. Pulling up to the apartment building, I spoke to the driver,

Go to the apartment building and use this gun on all the males in the room, do not hurt any of the women. Understand?


Good, now go.

After the driver left my car, it was time to implement my conditioning on Sam.

Sam honey, remember the doll you loved.


Where is it now?

I had to leave it behind. I miss it a lot.

I know you do but remember what the doll represents. It represents beauty, agelessness, simplicity, perfection, and happiness. You want to be all those things and more. More beautiful, more simple, more happy, better than what you are now. I want you to forget most of your old life. Remember your love of dolls, your training to become a perfect slave remember. Forget your name, I shall give you a new one.


The driver gets back into the car, and turns the ignition.

To the airport, I have to head home.


From now on you will respond to the name Monique. Remember Monique. I am called Mistress.

Yes Mistress.

Back at the Mansion.

In a brightly lit room, I start training her mind to become a doll like figure. There Monique stands in the middle of the room, naked, lifeless, that is until I breathe life into her.

Moving closer to her, I place my lips onto her cold frame. Slowly she blinks at me.

You can not talk, for I have not given you a voice. Listen to me your mistress, from now on, listening to me makes you submissive, the more submissive you are, the hornier you become, the more hornier you become the easier life becomes. Remember, Submissiveness leads to horniness, horniness lead to simplicity.

Walking around Monique, I apply more medicative salve on her body. Healing her wounds at a much faster rate than usual. Lightly touching the swell of her back, I trace over her naked body with my index finger.

From now on, you will train yourself to wear corsets, and heels. You will start out with 2 inch heels and 26 inch waist. Eventually you will be up to a 6 inch heel and a 18 inch waist. Next, latex will be your second skin. When you wear latex, you will be in fact naked to your eyes. You will always be asking for clothing to wear, and you may receive it, it really depends on my mood for the day.

Conjuring up transparent latex full body suit, and a pair of body skin color briefs with internal vibrators, with a wireless remote.

Put them on!

Silently, Monique slipped on the briefs, as I helped the dildo's find there way into their new home, a soft moan escaped Monique's throat. Helping her into the suit, caressing her soft skin, feeling the goose bumps building on her body, made me lustful for her. Placing my lips over her latex covered ones, allowed her to speak. Opening the zipper over her mouth, I ask

Monique, what does it mean to be a doll.

A doll, is quite, a doll is beautiful, a doll is submissive, a doll is perfect, a doll should be shown, a doll is happy.

Are you all those things?

No, I am not.

You're not? Why do you think such a thing?

I speak when spoken too.

Like a good doll should, next

I have small breasts.

Is that all.

Walking up to Monique, rasing my hands up to her cute little nubs, I gently rub them. Slowly they expand in the suit, becoming prominent, mighty, EE size breasts.

What's next?

You have hardly given me orders, or done anything to me.

Of course, I haven't I jest met you what one day ago, but it ok that you think that way. Dolls aren't supposed to be smart either. Trust me.

A doll should be shown, there is no one to see me.

Oh really,

Clapping my hands, the lights dim and the curtain pulls back to reveal a shopping mall.

Everyday you will be placed on display in front of fetish shop. Most people will think you're a mannequin. But we know better.

Monique's body shook when she heard the word, displayed.

So my dear, are you happy?

Oh mistress, this is the happiest I've ever been. I jest want to burst with delight and passion.

Turning on the vibrators, I walk up to Monique, and lower my face to lips.

From now on you'll be my Barbie doll.

I love you Mistress.

Upon finishing her sentence, Monique eyes, expand and she moans from the experience of her first orgasm but not her last.

Now I would like to thank Asudem Latex for giving the idea for this story, if your interested in Dolls, latex or hypnosis please go the website, Asudem Latex writes a daily blog about her adventures with Latex clothing.

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