Sunday, June 03, 2007

fashion blogger draws hits for latex leggings

this was mentioned on but it wasn't untill i dug around on the blog that i realised what an amazing resource it is for the burgeoning latex fashion cross over. the main series of entries about leggings start here in the march entry of and she has noticed that her hits have gone way up because of it.

in another entry she charts the various designers using latex leggings in their collections and a curious entry that has John Galliano paris show with Sasha Pivovarova's underlined puppet like appearence.

Another covers spread detailed is Irina Lazareanu on Sleek.

she wrote:

"Irina is one of my favourites for some time now. So I was very pleased to see her on the Spring edition's cover by germany based fashion and art magazine sleek. There's also an editiorial photographed by Terry Richardson inside!!! I've uploaded it here. Please enjoy (and don't hotlink ;-)...
Latex definitely seems to be THE item for next autumn/winter.
Download the current Sleek issue here after registration..."

so you'll have to go visit her blog to then go see the sleek entry and then download the issue....

another entry covers dance and this is where the fashion + art (= fart) comes in. i found this image of two dancers to be very compelling and surreal, like puppet dolls of sorts.

earlier in her blog on a previous month she mentions the American Aparel leggings which i finally bought too.

her entries about starting out with latex leggings in her entries - the latex instruction I + II are best found by doing a search on the blog for 'latex'. from the photo's it looks like she's ended up with the really crappiest molded kind available. i do hope she's found a better pair from a real latex designer. still she seems to like them even if her boyfriend doesn't.


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f&art said...

hey. thank you for reviewing my blog ♥ I just posted a comment some hours ago ;-) I really love your blog, too. Haven't bought another pair of latex leggins yet. Yes, those have been really cheap and I'm not really happy with them. But they've been good enough for a first try out. I'll definitely get a better pair soon. I've already seen those of Slinkyskin you've already written about...
Best regards,