Sunday, September 30, 2007

some other people want to be too

i was reading concious object's entry on the live journal which was about uploading an image up onto CS had sent in a shot of a full enclosure silvered doll/zentai and seems they didn't like it or it violated some rules or other. think CS still trying.

so i did look at the site and do the obvious thing which is of course to look to see if there are other people wanting the same thing as i do.

apparently yes... and there's one here as an example. looks like she's in the UK and leeds. there's a few rubber specific sites like Rubber Pal, where this one is specifically BDSM related.

wonder when latex dolls will get their own catergory? and what direction did they come from? the doll or the submissive? are both intertwined or sometimes just crossing paths?



Andre said...

"Get their own category?" I'm not sure what you mean? You seem consumed with this idea of getting doll-play out into the mainstream. My question is, "who cares?" Enjoy doing what you're doing and don't think so much about it. There are many many people besides you into this - yes, we've established that.

The profile on Collar Me I suspect is a guy fakin' it. No photo, little profile info. People who wish they could be latexified 24/7 generally have never been in latex and simply live in fantasy land. If someone is for real about their fantasy, they do something about it - like you've done.

I believe the whole doll fetish stems from feelings of submission as well as narcisism - the need to be adored, admired and "played with," and at the same time lose control. The transformation is a defense mechanism of sorts, a way for the submissive to cope with the total loss of control and identity that ultimate submission demands. Like "It's not Me submitting - it's the doll." Does that make sense?

The latex I feel is incidental. If you look back into history, you'll see doll fetish or "Pygmalionism," goes back long before the manufacturing of rubber. If there was no latex, perhaps we'd be infatuated with another material that simulated the plasticy nature of the modern Barbi doll.

Anyway, like I've said before. If one wants to live a 24/7 doll life:

a) Play the lotto.

b) Find a rich man or woman and submit to them, becoming their toy.

c) Become a public fetish performer of some kind and center your life around that, while trying to earn a living that way.

c) Or find the middle road somewhere and pursue your fetish in a healthy and constructive way, meeting others (news flash: in real life - the internet is a poor substitution for life) who share your interests. Who knows, maybe your dreams will come true one day. Ours have! Good luck.

Asudem Latex said...

maybe i'm working on all a-d already and just not sharing whats happening publicly?

i know i've already had a few offers.

and i will go at my own pace until i feel ready.


SanderO said...

Interesting theory andre.

My own theory about the doll "icon" is that she is the submissive equivalent to the fetish domina. The female submissive is not about a look of any particular kind. She could be slutty looking, or a pony or whatever the dom and she decide. The fetish doll is the icon fetish female who is into dress up and their look is a bimbo barbie.. a toy, pet, plaything etc. The doll is almost always a female... (ken dolls anyone?) And so lends itself to fem dom owned M2F or F2F dolls or Male owned ones.

Latex as an enclosure has way of being completely able to look transformative from head to tow and present a real identity... because of the latex mask. You don't have to be an anonymous hooded form with no character, but a pretty fem bot. All made possible by latex.

Make sense?