Tuesday, October 23, 2007

nice video, shame about the music

i found this mentioned on Rubberist.net and admittedly watched it the first time with the sound off and really loved the visuals. the second time with the sound on and the music really wasn't my thing. so i keep the sound off..

nice little story too it too. and yes, there is some scenes with latex in it...



Anonymous said...

the art is completely stolen from the movie The Cell with Jeniffer Lopez. you should check it.

SanderO said...

The whole fetish "genre" seems to be a bunch of "copycats" when you look closely. Some call them "trends" or fashion "looks", but really there is hardly anything new there, just a lot of getting with the program and looking like one clone or another.

Anonymous said...

You can file this one under Pumping Irony I think. To elaborate:

--This particular obesssion or fetish is *about* people wanting to be living dolls and toys, right? Ok then....why *do* some people get annoyed when they encounter *rampant* childishness and immaturity among some wannabe *dolls*? ^_^ I'm not saying this is right (the immaturity) mind you, just that it happens. It's par for the course and part of the meme.

--And likewise...why is it that folks complain about copycatting and lack of originality so much? For most folks around here, we *are* talking about an obsession with a *mass produced* doll or toy, meaning they really *do* want to be a living doll just *like* all the other living dollies.

Honestly. In my experience online I've maybe met two or three people who actually want to become a more *custom* doll, that is, *themselves as* a doll versus a pre-existing, mass-produced doll character.

Personally, I'd be *more* concerned about making sure our creative types are *appreciated* and rewarded for the work they do so that they *don't* burn out and stop creating. Simply put: we are rare birds here. Lots of "freaky" folks in other more mainstream fetishes are *just now* hearing about us and *just now* get us. And that means we are one step *further* removed from the mainstream than most folks...

So...yes, we need to pay some attention to quality, but *quantity* matters more because there are so few *of* us. It would be different if there were even *dozens* of living dolls out there in each *time zone* of a nation, but so far there isn't, at least not on Yahoo these days.

Meh...I really need to pull it together and write stuff again. As small as our community is, *one* more person joining the fray really can make a big difference...

Just saying,

--Brad Poe

sick puppy said...

Anyway, it's nice this of "fetish" being something more available and easier to watch ("¿This? Just a music video" for instance), isn't it?

SanderO said...

video killed the radio star

video will kill fetish

you get what you want but lose what you had

Anonymous said...

Meh. Video didn't kill the radio star so much as it lowered the bar, lowered the standards by which "stardom" was defined.

Before MTV came along, people like Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson would have been lounge singers, maybe famous in Vegas and nowhere else really.

What the video exposure did was it moved the emphasis away from talent and more towards image. Your Bob Dylan-types of folk singers, for example, really don't make it these days unless they're young and cute (like Jewel).

And while this might happen to a point with the dolling thing...honestly, one could argue that it *needs* to happen, if we want not just more people involved, but if we want to grow and keep *going* into the future beyond just a jaded clique from the late 1990s.

Take the Elegant Gothic Lolita look, for example. In its purest, original, Japanese form it's a uniform. It's a standard, and if so much as a single ribbon or stretch of lace is out of place or not "official", it's not EGL According to Malice Mizer. It could stand to loosen up a *little*, don't you think?

It didn't take root in the States, really, until someone had the courage to include "Alice Dresses", or _Alice in Wonderland_ styled clothes, within the category. Some diehards would call this dumbing down, that the "video" (in this case the movies and cartoons about the Alice character) was killing the original Japanese radio star.

But the truth is...we're seeing EGL on the radar, here on the North American continent and in the States, mainly *because* people have loosened up somewhat on their takes on what "EGL" is and on what "Cosplay" is. Would it pass muster in Tokyo? Not on your life, but meeting that older standard isn't the point.

The point is to get the idea out there in *some form* that welcomes newbies....and if some of them want to go old-school and be purists, more power to us. ^_^

Just my ten cents here,

--Brad Poe

SanderO said...

I never did get the idea of conforming to non conformity. Who wants to loose their identity to a stereotype?

L.E. said...

Sometimes loss of identity...achieving interchangeability...is the core of the fetish!