Sunday, March 09, 2008

issue 14

of free fashion magazine Chic Today has a theme of 'Frozen Carnival' with a nice spread of shots of elegant doll like women with impossibly white porcelin skin. which reminds me of a new story at entitled Artificial Circus by Fool's Page.

the magazine is available to read online here or download as a PDF document.

there's also a trend report issue but after a look through i was saddened to see nothing glossy or doll like in it - maybe they're just not looking hard enough ;-)



Anonymous said...

WOW. ^_^ Maybe it's just the lighting, or the nature of the closeup, but...

Only the eyes really give it away that she's even human. ^_^ If she had a pair of oversized or schleroid contact lenses on to give her a "doll's eye" look, it would be difficult *for me at least* to not see an actual doll or object there. ^_^

Superb photos! You outdo yourself again Asudem!

--Brad Poe

SanderO said...

Nothing terribly new about stylist making a visual game of having a model look like a store mannequin in fashion marketing. Just as mannequins become more life like, models are often made to look more "object" or as you would call it "doll like".

Beauty is often about achieving some sort of perfection, ain't it?

Asudem Latex said...


wait till u see tomorrows entry then ;-)