Sunday, March 09, 2008

shaped and shiney

i'm sure this came from someone a couple of weeks ago but for the life of me i can't seem to find the source email. so apologies now and feel free to email me or post in comments and i'll update this entry to reflect your great find.

someone spotted this in the recent show collections on Vogue UK's site here and thought immediately to send it to me. meanwhile its just been posted on so maybe its the same person and got tired of my slack updates.


One of the greatest designers of the moment, Nicolas Ghesquière took Balenciaga's archives and made them his own for yet another season of stunning sculpted dresses and severe silhouettes.

For autumn/winter 2008-9, Ghesquière used the Spanish influences in which Balenciaga finds its roots, giving the clothes a futuristic edge with rubber, latex and plastics. The first looks paid homage to Cristobel Balenciaga himself; black dresses with jutting hips curled at the waist and coats with circular raglan sleeves were signature shapes for the house, while wet-look rubber coats, skirts slit to the thigh, elaborate latex biker jackets, and hand-painted Samurai jackets and dresses were a departure from past collections.
Less eccentric, but equally as covetable, were the velvet and taffeta draped tops that came teamed with cropped trousers and slick pencil skirts. (February 26 2008, AM)

Ally Pyle

gallery for all designs is here. do also check out the accessories close up shots, love the mixed material high heeled shoes and they seemed to have some sort of loose wrapped white latex knee boots. not sure exactly how they are made as there's only a couple of photo's.

personally i think the shaped latex like material work really well even when its just a skirt or top. its on my list to do an entry about latex and how it doesn't always need to be tight like a catsuit.



SanderO said...

The collection is not very attractive. I would be surprised if anyone buys any of it.

Asudem Latex said...

yes i agree with you - the rest of the collection is pretty bad. also if you have a read of Rubber Betty's blog about spring / summer fashion she makes the same comment.

i did get a copy of British Vogue and there's a couple of nice spreads in there so will get scanning this week