Tuesday, April 15, 2008

snaps from paris

i was sent an email last week by one of the more regular contributors to this blog with a series of notes from his recent trip to paris. while no outright dolls or latex women were seen, there was some elements here and there that caught his eye:

Hi Asudem

Back from my trip to Paris with camera and compact video in hand. Nothing terribly overt was spotted but there was some interesting bits here and there. After going though a lot of the fashion magazines there and not finding anything, I did happen into a specialist trendy shop that had a greater spread of magazines. The cover shot is part of a spread inside but it was too damned expensive to buy for just one shoot.

A major department store somewhat like Harrods or Selfridges in London had a spring sale on and the windows were done up with gold mannequins. There was also a post for the general sale that had a woman in a doll-ish tutu and black and white stripy tights. Sorry no photo of that to hand.

I saw these boots in a shop and got you a photo. Reminded me of the heel-less shoes you were on about and the Pony boots I almost managed to do a shoot with. Maybe you can get a pair of basic flats and have someone glue a 5 inch plastic wedge on them and - bingo - new shoes!

The first two posters were splattered around the city. Mainly the coffee one however. The 2nd is for a designer and I thought the blonde model had doll-ish elements too her. The third is for a carnival I wasn't there for.

Lastly I did notice about five or so women a day wearing black pvc rain coats as normal day to day wear. It wasn't raining at either. I pop'd into a shop and saw these for sale at 190 euro's. There was also regular spotting of women wearing black rubber riding boots as fashion day to day footwear. I've really not seen either the jackets or the boots worn publicly in the UK / London at all.

Hope you get this up soon. Maybe some readers from France or Paris can comment? From my reading on Rubberist.net and my own observations there doesn't seem to be much in the way of latex or other over fetishism in Paris, relative to London and the UK anyway.



thisgirl said...

i was in paris recently managed to get a couple of pictures in latex in front of the eiffel and on the metro...though not full coverage. Pictures on my blog if you're interested. I agree with him in that there doesnt seem to be much of a scene there...i think what there is is mostly underground.


Asudem Latex said...

would love to have a look - what's the url for your blog?


K-8 said...

This made me think of you: