Monday, June 23, 2008

a favorite authoress now has a blog

i was revisiting some of the older stories at, rereading a few of my favourites by NanoSlaver which are White Slavery, Thaasophobe and Molly Dolly when i looked over at the fiction by ThrallQueen and noticed there's a new one called Queen Bee Becomes a Drone.

do check it out and all of her stories. they hit me in just a certain way and sum up a very private resonance within me.

then not only did i enjoy the new story, i noticed she has a blog now too!!! happy happy!!

it can be found here.

there's loads of teaser background information on her fetish fiction, images (she like Kumi Monster and Bianca) and a teeny weeny peek in to her secret identity. she's certainly let out more than i have, although i don't think it's really necessary but i can totally relate to her position.

so do pop over to her blog, and read all her back fiction on i think you'll like them.



thrall said...

Thanks for the props, Asudem Latex! I have actually been aware of your blog for some time; someone told me about a previous entry you made on my writing. Unfortunately, I came to the party too late to bother leaving a comment, but I was pleased by your kind words. Also, I was (and still am) planning to mention your blog when I get to my "Behind the Duct Tape" entry on "Raggedy Anne."

Asudem Latex said...

well u deserve it!! everyone go read all of Thrall's stories!

oh thanks, and i hope u find some images, ideas or anything i'm really doing with my own latex wearing as an inspiration to write more....

it would be a total honor to be a character in one of your stories. ;-)


sylvrgirl said...

Since thrall is reading here (still, I hope), let me say that "What do you get the man who has everything" is one of my favorite erotic stories of all time! One of my avatar looks in Second Life features white hair, white eyes and skin as white as i can make it.

You can guess where I got the inspiration from. :-)

Keep up the outstanding workm thrall!!!

Anonymous said...

ulorenvex has a deviantart account