Saturday, February 14, 2009

how to make...

your own pair of latex leggings thanks to a new step by step photo blog by 3xl's partner Latex Kitty.

the blog is unsurprisingly Making Latex Clothing as a start and will i'd imagine move along to other classic latex staples.

with the dollar and the euro so strong against the pound then getting real latex from Radical Rubber or 4D won't be too hard and major saving over a year ago when the rates were close to two dollars to the pound.

a few years ago i did try making something and managed a pair of leggings from very thin latex though they were pretty awful with a closer examination. it really requires the right tools, the right glue and also a very large flat surface which my kitchen table isn't really suited for. oh and patience which i've been told i lack on more than one occasion.

thanks to Matt, Throughfare and then to for this link. surprised they didn't email it to me directly.



semmel said...

This is too funny - I just found the Making Latex Clothing site myself and figured I better let you know about this - and you already beat me to it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey I heard she learned her craft at Fantastic Rubber.

Seems to be a general trend of people learning the trade and moving on after a few years.

Just look at Skin Two clothing; House of Harlot, Torture Garden and Inner Sanctum all directly or 2nd hand were spawned by them.