Friday, June 25, 2010

rubber doll wanted

back to some navel gazing on my part in case you missed that side of the blog...

i am on and there's several slow cooking message forums on various doll related fetishes as well of course as actual doll fetishes. i was directed to the site by a reader who sent me this profile.

after a few months of being on the site i was approached by said couple and it stirred up a lot of feelings in me and to be honest i am not really there yet. i also feel my vision of latex dolls differs too much from the totally reduced to an object. i do enjoy that as a fantasy on occasion and would definitely want it to be part of a relationship, though not all the time.

i chatted back and forth with them and suggested i'd be happy to post it on their behalf to a wider audience. so here it is.

Total latex encapsulation, total bodily control; feel free to email us at or if you are female and think the following sounds like the sort of thing you would like to try with us.

If you are experienced, that is great; you will know that these are the sort of things you are into or want to try. If you are inexperienced, even completely inexperienced, that is even better as we would love to introduce you to the most erotic experiences of your life, so intense that we will...take your breath away.

Looking for very open minded FEMALE ONLY (preferably Goth/Punk) sub/switch, into extreme latex, total enclosure, encapsulation, immobilisation, depersonalisation, masking, total bodily control, tight corseting, ballet boots and the other more extreme erotic fetish aspects of BDSM, to become a part of our family, be loved and cherished by us and live with us for lifetime relationship.

Please note, we are looking for WOMEN only, that means genetic women, sorry people!

A person who knows that the surrender of the body is important, but the surrender of the mind is paramount.

Somebody who wishes to be transfomed into the perfect, re-trained, reprogrammed and restrained for her owners use.

Are you willing to surrender completely to the control of another, knowing they will keep you safe from harm?

Do you wish to be encapsulated in skin-tight latex, transformed into a rubber covered doll, fantastically re-shaped into a parody of humanity, your shape, movement and bodily functions controlled for life?

Once you see yourself in the full length mirror, totally depersonalised, a gleaming black doll with mirrored eyes, the reflection copying every movement you make, no human features visible, as you realise that the image is your true form, will you sink so far into your new persona that you will not want to return to the 'real' world?

This rubber-clad dominant couple (RubbaMaster is originally from England, RubbaMistress from the States) will guide you on a journey to latex enclosed ecstasy that will seem like a dream you never wish to wake up from and, just maybe, you never will.

We are just finishing a large house on a large isolated plot of land in Arizona, very private and secluded, so you can be our sub 24/7/365 soon.

So don't just dream; take the first step on the most erotic journey of your life and write now. What have you got to lose, except your inhibitions and preconceptions?

Remember, take the red pill and see how deep the hole goes.

maybe some of my readers will be interested, some may even be at that right point to follow it through. others maybe already part of that type of relationship.

play safe.



Anonymous said...

"Please note, we are looking for WOMEN only, that means genetic women, sorry people!"

Wow, what an asshole. This completely invalidates trans women. I wouldn't have a sandwich at Denny's with someone like that, let alone be their live-in slave.

Anonymous said...

I would humbly beg to differ with the first comment, sorry.

Consider what these people are asking for in their whole statement: for someone to be their _perfect_ live-in, 24/7 playtoy. As such, perfect does in fact mean perfect. I see nothing wrong with being very straightforward about asking for what you want under those sorts of circumstances.

And they did in fact apologize for the demand. Seriously. Can people not want what they actually want without being accused of being jerks or "assholes"? Keep in mind that this IS still the internet we are talking about here--there are still dishonest people out there who "get off" on deception and on lying to people about just this sort of thing. They may or may not be committed transgenders ok, but they give any and all TG people a bad name in doing this.

Really. I don't see what's so wrong about wanting what you want and specifically asking for it. But then again, I also refuse to be ashamed of being roughly 90-plus-percent heterosexual as well. I don't think it's "bad" or being an "asshole" to not want individuals with a penis attached, ok?

Really, why is this not an issue when women turn down men, but becomes one when men turn down pre-op and non-op TGs?

I really fail to see how an honest, sincere "I statement" about what someone wants can be construed as "invalidating" anything, provided it remains halfway polite and sincere.

But maybe I'm just jaded that way,

Bradley Poe

(and seriously, more than a few fetish and BDSM sites are like this: they WANT you to be honest and INSIST that you do state very clearly what you want and don't want, so that there's minimal drama and griefing involved)

Anonymous said...

You're missing the point. You give examples of pre-op TS people, but you ignore the reality of fully-transitioned and completely-passable trans women who have completed transition and re-integrated into the world in their new role.

If someone doesn't want women who still have penises, then say so. That's okay. In fact, that's great. We're all attracted to different things, after all, and that's fine. But to issue a blanket ban on TS people because SOME of them have undesired genitals is an offense against the TS people who have gotten past that.

In short: don't say "no trans people because you're not REAL women." Say "no women with penises" or even "no women who look and sound like men because that frightens me."

For our purposes here, what's the difference between a fully-transitioned and passable TS woman and a woman born with a vagina? None, really. So the ban makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify:

I don't keep track of TG/TS women post-operation. It's not my business really. I am aware however that some SRS procedures are better done (by more competent surgeons) than others. Ideally, sure, a post-op transgendered woman has made it--to the point that a gynecologist, who doesn't know better, would not be able to tell her from a birth woman with her tubes tied (or other surgical sterility).

Problem is, SRS is expensive and not always done well. And not just the surgery. On occasion, like with any other medical procedure that's going to be "controversial", you're going to get ladies who have emotional problems thanks to all of the sheer, unfair and unasked-for hassle they went through. Once in a while you do get women who aren't all "there yet" psychologically because of poorly done follow-up or cross-living work.

It isn't always an ideal process. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault, mind you, I'm just saying it doesn't always turn out right.

So it might just be that some folks don't want to deal with the hassle, and don't want to spend a lot of possibly limited internet bandwidth or space specifically saying, "We would strongly prefer genetic or birth women, but _might_ consider a transgendered woman if A) she's post-operative, B) passable as a woman, at least physically, including voice, C) and does NOT have any lingering emotional issues from transition and/or SRS."

I know, the shorthand, flat refusal might well seem offensive and a harsh response to a minority of TG women out there. But again, this IS the internet--it tends to draw the people who are, to say the least, unusual and atypical from *all sorts of directions*, and may also increase the odds of exposure to TG people who aren't "all there" yet.

I don't think I'm missing the point. A post-operative TG woman who is all there is going to be impossible to tell apart from a surgically sterile woman. At that point, the point you bring up and the point that doesn't *come up so much* on the internet, she's made it, she's female, and there shouldn't be any hassle anymore.

My apologies for any trouble my disagreement may have caused. I'm just saying that the _nature_ of doing this sort of thing on the internet has a tendency to distort the results in a bad way unless you're really (if offensively) careful.

Just my plug nickel,

Bradley Poe

Janine said...

I do think that if someone is looking for a f/t r/l relationship of whatever type, then they are perfectly entitled to say the type of person they are looking for without being called an asshole for daring to do so.

The expression "chip on your shoulder" springs to mind ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clarification Brad P. When you put it that way, I see where you're coming from. I confess that I did come across too harshly at first. I'm sorry.

The notion that a trans woman is not a "real woman" is offensive to the trans women who have completed transition and are living their lives as they always wanted to. If everyone who knows them thinks of them as a woman, and everyone they meet sees a woman, and if the US Department of State gives them a passport which says "female," and so on and so on, then it's jarring to be dragged back to the bad old days by someone insisting that they're not really a woman.

As a thought experiment: I'm sure you were once six years old. Is someone who has sex with you tonight a pedophile? Of course not, because you're older now. ;)

Janine: people are welcome to seek whoever they want. That's never in question. My only issue in this whole tempest (in a teapot) is that the original advertisement called for "WOMEN only, that means genetic women." The implication is that without the desired genotype, a woman really isn't a woman. (AIS women, XO women, and so on will be shocked to learn they're not women. . .)

Anonymous said...

"profiles" such as these make me angry no matter how many times I have come across them over the years. They are the usual "I'm a master so you do what I say" garbage of people who, very often are new to BDSM and think of it as a bit of a game. These people are idiotic predators who have no idea what damage they can do to people's mental well being.

There is a crossover between fetishism and BDSM but expecting someone to live out their fantasy by being a rubber slave 24x7 is a bit pathetic really. Did they write it as a kick? I really hope so as BDSM relationships require love, respect and hard work, not some idiot with a stupid name and a fetish.

People can feel very low when they're lonely so I hope no-one is sad, lonely or desperate enough to take this seriously.

Agithe said...

someone is looking for someone else of specific type for a relationship, why can't the say it?
and why do it have to political correctness non offence? and where do it say "real women", if someone do not want a tg woman why can't they ask for it? if knowing what they "live-in slave" use to be taints it for them why can't they say they don't want it, and how who you have put it to be non offence?

and what would be so wrong if someone wants to be part of they fantasy for sometime? as long also normal BDSM safety guideline are followed.

dum humans

Janine said...

Hmmm, I don't see any place where it says "24/7 rubber slave". it does however say 24/7 slave. There is a difference!

Anonymous said...

As one of the couple looking for the ideal person (and I am not making a hole new profile on Google for just this), perhaps some of you should get real.

Firstly, as RubbaMistress is Black, we would not be have a sandwich at Denny's with anybody; talk about being racist. See, it is easy to offend people, try checking out the history of Denny's and Black people. And you accuse others of being an arsehole? Look in the mirror.

"For our purposes here, what's the difference between a fully-transitioned and passable TS woman and a woman born with a vagina? None, really. So the ban makes no sense."

Oh? How many fully transitioned women are able to bear children? No difference? Live in the real world, or at least try to.

The reason for the proviso is that we have been literally inundated with HUNDREDS of requests from TV, TS and fully transitioned women when we tried to be subtle and we STILL are, even though we are very specific.

We have a couple very well known TV friends who know exactly the problem we have been going through and support our search for what WE want.

Of course, the person we want must be into all the things that we are, the relationship is for their benefit as well. And yes, they would be a rubberslave, not a plain 'slave' :)

For those who obviously cannot even read, especially as they comment:

"There is a crossover between fetishism and BDSM but expecting someone to live out their fantasy by being a rubber slave 24x7 is a bit pathetic really. Did they write it as a kick? I really hope so as BDSM relationships require love, respect and hard work, not some idiot with a stupid name and a fetish."

perhaps you should READ the ad, as we specifically state:

"to become a part of our family, be loved and cherished by us and live with us for lifetime relationship."

We have been into this lifestyle for over 30 years, and commenting on the name that a person uses when you post as anonymous is pretty sad.

If you have not tried the level of play that we have, then do not denigrate that which you have little understanding of.

We have experimented with extreme encapsulation lasting weeks and are extremely careful of the subs physical well-being and especially their psyche.

We are supremely experienced at this sort of play; just because you cannot envision this sort of thing, do not try to stop others living their life as they wish to.

Unless there is love, respect and affection between us all, this sort of relationship just will not work.

At least some here are open minded and accepting, knowing that stating what one is searching for is not being rude to others.

Stating that you are looking for a blonde sub only does not denigrate brunettes, it means that you want a blonde sub.

Agithe and Janine, thank you for being relaxed and open minded enough to realise that what people are looking for is not an insult to others.

I would think that it is not so much a chip as a whole potato on the shoulder. English joke.

Try getting to know us before commenting on us.

Anonymous said...

"For our purposes here, what's the difference between a fully-transitioned and passable TS woman and a woman born with a vagina? None, really. So the ban makes no sense."

'Oh? How many fully transitioned women are able to bear children? No difference? Live in the real world, or at least try to.'

I wasn't aware that the ability to bear children was of critical importance for live-in rubber doll slaves. You're moving the goal posts.

Anonymous said...

"I wasn't aware that the ability to bear children was of critical importance for live-in rubber doll slaves. You're moving the goal posts."

I was not aware that you know to the last detail exactly that which we seek.

Of course, that is because you are quick to rush to judgement and slow to actually take the time to contact, converse with and understand people.

The goal posts have not been moved, you just hate to admit that your insecurity is precious to you and that everybody who does not think as you do must be wrong.

Get over yourself, examine your own life and leave others to enjoy themselves with those they choose in the way that makes them all happy.

Anonymous said...

I think that the annouce was lovely. Fortunately I already have my husband and master, and so can't accept this offer. Unfortunately, we don't have how transform me into a full latex doll yet. But I'm glad there are people wich already can do that. Good lucky to find your girl.

Anonymous said...

So, will you be conducting genetic tests on your candidates or not?

D.R.C said...

hmm its a shame that your only looking for a woman i would have been more than happy to have done something like this. it is something that has had my curiosity and interest for a few years now and is something that still continues to grow.
i hope you find the person you are looking for and i greatly envy the person who does take up such a marvelous offer

Soragesum said...

I'm sure they didn't mean to put off anyone in how they worded their profile.

If anything a little bit of frustration/bitterness might be comming accross.

How many female profiles (on ANY dating/community type site) do you see where the woman is screaming "DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE/ARE NOT A, B, C, D, E, F, G... Z, AA, BB, CC, etc. etc. etc."?

Why does that happen? It happens because she's fed up with reading 100 emails a day from guys who obviously didn't read her profile. Guys who are way outside her age requirement, or do not live within 50 miles, or any number of 100 things she said was an absolute requirement. After a while you get frustrated and start to become a little bitter about it.

This couple is probably no different. From all I've seen, the number of "women" (non-transgendered) who desire to be turned into a rubber sexdoll/playtoy (for more than just an hour once in a blue moon that is) is EXCEPTIONALLY small. I've seen 100 times the number of transgendered men who are into this fetish (it seems like quite a few have commented in this very thread), so this couple probably has grown tired of fielding responses from transgendered men when they probably stated that that isn't what they are looking for. So they problaby had to state it more directly.

I wouldn't be suprised if they still field emails from transgendered men. So I wouldn't doubt if eventually they have to change their profile to eventually scream "PLEASE NO TRANSGENDERED MEN".

In a way though I selfishly hope they don't find anyone.. they already have each other and since the number of women into this fetish is already exceptionally small.. it would just be taking one more of them away from all the single guys who are also desperatly looking for a woman like this.


Part of the Furniture said...

The first comment and the reply to Bradley Poe was definitely not too harsh.

At the end of the day, it's fine to say: 'Look, I'm just not into transgendered people.' Where this jumped into loony land was the hostility of the comment: 'WOMEN only, that means genetic women'.

It's an offensive comment for a whole host of reasons: importantly, it's ignorant and it's vulgar. A person could have XY chromosomes and yet be born female (Androgen insensitivity). The comment negates the identity of transgendered people IN CAPS.

That's what distinguishes the person who says 'I fancy blondes' from the person who says 'Women who aren't blonde are imperfect.' The advert fell to the latter.

Your defensive reaction to it -- oafishly defensive -- makes me (cis-gendered, straight, and white) less comfortable admitting to kinks: the kinkosphere still seems over represented by the asinine and the vulgar.

You could at least have had the courtesy of trying to understand why your advert caused offence instead of lashing out at people who challenge you.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, such cis-gender apologetics...

I can see how preference is preference BUT it's not like I think that one type of preference is ok and another is derogatory, more like a sliding scale.

For example if an atheist was looking for another atheist to be in a relationship out of concern of possible drama in the future then that's relatively harmless.

But if you framed it as a Catholic person looking for other Catholics and no "inferior Jews" then yeah I think we can agree that would be pretty terrible.

It's not the preference that's being criticized, it's the methodology BEHIND the preference.

Granted the poster didn't make it clear why they want "genetic women" it is VERY common in circles of individuals who are prejudice against trans-folk to say similar things.

The implication is that no matter what a trans-woman is not the same thing as a "real" woman.

The reason why people have issues with this isn't because they are uptight PC types, its because its a bullshit statement formed from ignorance about a group of people.

I think the proof in this is that the poster tried to make the distinction by claiming that trans-women can't have babies.

However I know plenty of "genetic" women who can't either. Some because of surgery and some because of birth defect. Are these women not "real" because they can't do something? I'm sure most would still see them as women despite that.

So why does it matter for trans-women if its not a necessary quality to be a "real" woman? Now that's moving a goal post.

Furthermore I really can't stand people spouting 6th grade level science as if they have all of the answers. I'm sorry but that XX = girl, XY = boy is a clever fiction told to students because its way easier to explain that to a 6th grader than it is gene expression in the SRY region of the Y chromosome.

Once you actually get up to College level biology you find out that its actually quite wacky. Because the EXPRESSION of genes is what actually makes someone and not the genes themselves, there are real world instances of women with XY chromosomes and men with XX chromosomes.

I could go one and on about it
but the point is that statements like "genetic women" are bullshit and offensive in their idiotic content.

Finally the whole biology argument kind of backfires on people like that anyways because there is real empirical data that shows that trans-women and men have the neurological structure of the sex they feel they are. So that means that a trans-women literally has the mind of a woman, specifically the parts of the mind that are sexually differentiated.

So from a philosophical standpoint the place where you really are, your consciousness in your brain, is the sex you are. So since they are, in a significant part, the sex they claim to be that whole biology argument works against people like the poster

Look, if you don't want some girl with a big hairy dick applying then that's your prerogative. However by making a blanket statement against all trans-women I can personally guarantee you that you're missing out on some seriously hot women and you'd never know the difference unless they told you personally.

So yeah, way to shoot yourself in the foot, good luck with your search.

Anonymous said...

Also, if I read correctly, RubberMistress is black?

If that's the case I wonder if she's aware of the long history in which people deemed black people to be genetically inferior and even literally a sub-species of human. Even Abraham Lincoln thought so. In the early 20th century a lot of people tried to make that genetic argument in an attempt to continue segregation, violence and the general ill-treatment of black people.

Even as late as the 1960's those who were opposed of inter-racial marriage used the genetic argument in reference to inferior children being produced from the union.

However over time people grew wiser and realized that was bullshit.

So its highly ironic that a black woman would be part of something that discriminated against a group of people because of supposed "genetics."

Ugh, I really can't stand humans at times.

Joseph said...

I am looking for males, females, and tv's to turn into rubber dolls. email me at

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