Saturday, October 23, 2010

is it complete?

i spotted a mention of this list on and i am very surprised that no one has created it before. what is it? well head over to SyFy's to see the list of catsuits in science fiction films.

i think they're pushing it to include Counselor Deanna Troi in there as they're definition of a catsuit is very very loose. i did read somewhere that the wetsuits in the film FantasticVoyage are all latex and Rachel Welch was specially measured for hers which of course is the only way to go if your a latex fetishist.



Crazy Bitch said...

The wetsuits were neoprene; there area few scenes in the movie where it's very obvious.

Troi's outfit was designed as a catsuit, albeit not as sexualized as the ones 7 of 9 wore. In the pilot Troi wore the "Starfleet Cheerleader" uniform (Tasha Yar wore it as well, the only time on the show), a throwback to the original show's female uniforms. Some of the outfits Troi wore in later episodes were designed with a built-in corset, something she wasn't all that happy with since it made it almost impossible for her to get undressed without assistance.

Scubadubidoo said...

Add to that the breathing gear she uses in the pic and you got most of my fetishes covered ;-)