Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i can't be everywhere at once

i do like the research and the hunting for clothes and images online which eventually trickles down on the blog; although at this point i have a massive backlog of unfinished post. i also have an Deviant Art account and now really getting into fetlife.com and the various discussion threads there.

what i've been totally remiss in is looking into Tumblr and that all changed when i found the Dollify - Perfectly Still account via the Dollification Forum which doesn't have much posting although worth checking in on a monthly basis just in case.

there's a small goldmine of yummy fashion and doll related images up there. my only real bitch is they all appear pretty small. maybe they're supposed to be cellphone friendly size? still its a great resource and i must go complement the person who made it.



Dollify said...

Thanks for listing my tumblr blog! I'm honored. :)

It's an image based blog where I answer questions when asked rather than writing (for now at least). I have a hundred or so images there now and I post 3 new images a day. Usually the photos are things I've grabbed online but many have higher quality versions so you can click and they'll expand to the larger photo. Tumblr is a good image host, pretty fast most of the time.

I can't believe I hadn't run into your blog before a month ago. It's a great one - If I can ever figure out how to get a permanent link list on Perfectly Still I will list yours - for now I try to credit when I find something from you.

jeandoll said...

Dollify - Perfectly Still Is awesome site! thanks for wink. I'm not nethead enough to make endless brosing of net, million thanks for all the coolness in your blog.