Saturday, March 26, 2011

silver mask

i found this on the excellent tumblr feed perfectly still which i check often and it wasn't the huge latex breasts that had me excited, rather the shape and definition of the mask.

has anyone spotted them online? most are devoid of gender and any form of defining definition. actually i like the outfit besides the melons she's wearing.



Anonymous said...

Those mega boob suits are creepy creations. Are they supposed to be some sort of joke?

The mask is interesting.

dollify/perfectly still said...

I love the mask also, this is what caught my eye!

re: the oversized breasts, i feel like there's a way this makes sense. It's not my personal fetish but i understand it as a form of transformation and can see why some human doll & synthetic loving enthusiasts are attracted to it.

Thanks for checking back on my tumblr :) I wish I had sources for everything!

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