Sunday, August 25, 2019

stats - not mine, the blogs

considering i'm not updating it too often now due to health issues and demands. still respectable.

think i'll celebrate at 4 million.

i read somewhere there's a service that takes blogs and turns them quickly into books. any interest?


Friday, August 23, 2019

shiny, metallic, wetlook and robotic under $10 or 5$???

my usual hunting grounds these days is Aliexpress for fetishy but non latex items. i now have the super shiny and tight leggins bellow and well most of the other ones now. the robot ones are my pj bottoms and might end up wearing all day if not going out.

link to item: at here.

really tight putting on for the first time but then much easier. i just ordered a second pair. 

also there seems to be a sale that starts tomorrow on loads of items. i spotted a catsuit in pvc for under 10$ so had to get one.

inflatable latex hair

very similiar to the Russian pop star and latex sculptures, these are made by Venusprototype 

and their work can also be found via twitter: here while there main page is surprisingly Bizarre Fetish Couture

wonder if they make the same styles but smaller?


for the rich ASFR / mannequin fan out there - its already sold

my earliest exposure to mannequin, fetish, leather and BDSM was actually via a NYC art catalogue that had a few of UK pop artist 'Allen Jones' in it. I believe it was even said table for sale.

this is the last one - check out the price (and more photo's) at

wasn't keen on the position but everything else i was entranced by.

then later i found he had done loads more, paintings, sculpture and wearable pieces that turn you into a living mannequin!!!

you think i jest but it happened to Kate Moss

it was originally made in the 60's and can be seen larger in a signed (£250) poster from RA.

 he also was known for making the movie poster for cult french fetish film:

i think there's a french law that JPD has to be in all French films???!?! worth looking for.


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

if you need an image fix

why not visit my Deviant Art page here. 

not so much for my contributed images which i leave for my blog but the favorites. highly tuned and curated almost. you should also be able to see who i follow.


chromed latex

not sure how it was done, but totally impressed. found online.

any information on it?

is it a latex base and chrome metallic plastic panels?

meanwhile i've taken to wearing my aliexpress robot leggings to sleep in with oversized t-shirt. post on those to follow. the detailed printing of lycra etc is getting impressive. how do we get the makers to do a doll jointed catsuit etc?


not dead

fyi - and not been in SL for weeks.

more medical issues. back home and slowly recovering.

however for all SL'ers I am still exceptionally keen on how to preserve myself in world as someones toy, robot, doll etc. any ideas? 

although presently still appearing as a puff of smoke when i log in.


Sunday, June 09, 2019

if someone were to redub this..... classic mannequin & doll tf

and in case you want to bu one - would make a good basis for an ASFR costume here at just over 100$

which makes me think its cheaper on Alliexpress and a quick look - and yes 1/2 price here.

one even looks like a power ranger. cosplay sorted.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

anyone good with photo shop - transfer my SL look to RL?

here's the SL (and now a Doc Vanderlay latex mask)

blend over/to my selfie:

and email me the results for posting? though i noticed the head angles not the same.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

she's living it

ooh its on sale as well.... think I'll get it!!!

now the main question is how daring i'll be with my color choice. is it just for inside, night out wear or do i go for a bolder color and wear it out when raining??

its a mere 70$$$ right here on

thoughts on color? perhaps purple, crimson red or natural? though from past experience the natural can stain badly.


ps; ebay put up other options - at least 10$ cheaper!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

i do recommend Aliexpress for cheap fetish satisfaction

these for example - a mere 25$ with shipment! i've lost my heel training over the years due to medical interference and to long in ward so not for me at the moment.

loads of EGL and even latex items. rude adult items at wholesale prices. sadly no sign of latex heeled rain boots. (that's what i was looking for when these pop'd up)

infact waiting for (and been suggesting) some clever Second Life fetish vendor sell objects and for more L$ the real thing. i believe the term is drop shipping.


full of story ideas and some even written

i've been following Andy at Smooth Slickn Shiny for some time now and exchanged emails and ideas. he was kind enough to illustrate a couple of his mock magazine covers and feature me in the past! one is bellow. do visit his blog.

now following his world narrative i came up with a plot device and reason to slip into it. i've shared and so far to tied up to render it as a drawing - so here's the draft for you to enjoy.


The Trap

Aunt Jane let andy out loose in the mall to window shop for an hr a day and every day like clockwork, andy is very self confident over this all over latex restricted look so hides out in a coffee shop at then end of the mall but is spotted by an intrigued Asudem passing by and a friendship forms and loads of admiration and compliments on andys look and clothes/heels etc - even jealousy is eventually revealed. Their morning coffee continues for weeks and Andy is getting used to walking through the mall and looks forward to their quiet discussions. However Andy tries to warn her off delving to deep ‘its dangerous - these women are fanatical’.  With the comfort of someone else wearing latex in public, by the second week Asudem wears a pair of light pink tights and shows them to Andy. If it wasn’t for the tell tale gloss no one would notice. A week passes and Asudem is still publicly wearing them daily now. She then starts to wear her latex blouse as confidence increases thanks to Andy as a role model. The first time Asudem arrives Andy remarks - I can smell your warm latex before I saw you….

In awe of Andy finesse in her heels, she starts to wearing higher heels. Andy explained guilty ‘you shouldn’t be wearing them all the time, they have me in these killer hells so long now I can’t wear anything else!!!! - I am crippled without them. My feet now have a permanent high arch I can’t flatten lower than 5 inches. Its like all these clothes and shoes are moulding me into something else and so so far from what I used to be. So embarrassing - Aunt Jane is relentless and I suspect her circle of friends are far worse’ - ‘would you believe some of them are black shiny coated latex nuns in a private covent’?

Asudem’s eyes are wide as saucers as this element of Andy’s fashion is revealed.

Asudem continues an asks questions like - who are the designers? how long do you wear it. Andy enjoys the friendship but is trying to warn Asudem off of digging to deep.

Unaware to both of them they are being monitored by the Aunt Jane and her sisterhood as the weeks pass and their friendship grows. They note Asudem’s self outing and her relentless interest in Andy. Each week Asudems confidence shows more and more latex.

After a month or so Asudem doesn't join for tea/coffee but Andy finds her in the clutches of x,y z who then explains his 'your time in the mall was to acclimatise you to being in public - but also a hook to intrigue / capture existing hidden latex lovers. We know they are out there and much more pliable that you will ever be.'  Perhaps their desires will allow us to…’

(could be more information, backstory then an explanation (thus an illustration) of what to do with Asudem. Being fitted into a dolls suit that removes all her humanity - an even barbie pink latex skin etc. One idea is to have a latex cast made of her face, mannequin style / doll makeup it then after full body tattoos of doll joints and detailing, the mask it put on…)

"she doesn't need to be embarrassed and forced into latex now does she? - she's already an addict and just needs some guidance and support to full-fill her desires and ours. Mind you ours are somewhat more permanent and extreme than she could ever be able to dream of.'  I mean cosmetic surgery is practically de rigour in some classes when the girls enter collage and every hipster town has a dozen tattoo parlours. Its so much easier now. She’ll be seduced by her wardrobe as its much more than she could ever afford. Perfect her flesh as the doll she is destined to be then seal her into latex.

"You were just a lure to bring people like here to us for acquisition and remake. Mistress Z already has eyes on her as her own private doll. As well as window display for her chic latex couture shop one her mask is in place. Don;t worry she'll share once she's suitable embraced her doll mind and we can always visit her in Mistress Z's boutique. Maybe we'll have you posing with her in the window some days or months…

(some sort of make over in image)