Sunday, December 10, 2017

christmas money will get diverted into...

not 100% sure as yet as don't actually have it to hand.

i've been told by a few witnesses that the Feitico Masks are amazing and thin so makes them much more wearable. of course i've never really gotten on with masks or sunglasses or anything so also on my list is more hypnosis to do with Mistress-Love/ that are made purely for 'outing' (lets call it) a latex lover so that slowly adapts to normal day wear in latex.... and more.

there's also a few more items to get from Aliexpress. a dedicated mp3 player for Mistress Love's scripts is one of them. i've re-ordered a size up in the silver ankle boots already - they fit but with no stretch at all over the too of / width of the foot i just couldn't wear them. praying one size up will do the trick.

there's also a full robot (from anime or a game) grey silver lycra catsuit - so going to add that as well.

i'm also considering putting 40$ onto SL$ to pay off a scripter to do what i've been after for years. anyone out there to automate a doll in sl?

so what do you want and praying for?


a christmas advertisement from the UK

12 Days of Christmas with Coco de Mer from Coco de Mer on Vimeo.

you might well want to watch it full screen and yes latex does appear. xx

all i want for christmas

images from a long gone pay site in the uk 'Scarlet Mews' that has just re-appeared on a the models feed on FB. its well timed and seasonal..

now can you guess who i'd like to be in the photo?


Saturday, December 09, 2017

a living latex doll, art piece, is leading the way... to fashion discounts

🐼 Keeping it real... Keep on being you. I’ve teamed up with @missguided for their brand new#keeponbeingyou campaign, which is all about... being yourself and not giving AF!

Today's the day..Wanna win 150 Missguided dollars? All you’ve gotta do is:

1. Make sure you’re following me and @missguided

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3. Check your DM’s in 3 days to see if you’ve won ! (Competition open worldwide. Ends 23:59 GMT on 10 December 2017. Full T&C’s:

i don't think they sell latex however.

shout out to Black Ice the SkinTwo writer / photographer and regular 3d shooter at Torture Garden for the news item. yes he's shot and filmed The Rubber Sisters and shot Pandemonia Panacea

way denser latex fetish and fashion in London / UK / EU than here in strip mall land. i wonder if i should of said WTF and moved to Germany to work in that latex clothing shop i was receiving correspondence from. (yes i do respond to emails and im's in SL)


it looks like a person could be fit inside

as a follow on to the Burlesque Marionette post.


Friday, December 08, 2017

fear, sizing and buying from Aliexpress

just some tips from recent buys on Aliexpress to feed my fetishes.

- sizes run small. go one size large. 

- if you can - ask about material and style of stretch. the silver robot leggins above are perfect because they are printed yet stretch. the leggings and top combo with a pink design was pretty solid so no go. the black leather like high waisted leggins were _perfect_ and as you know i am really down on fake leather and bad pvc. i re-ordered a pair as they were low on my size. both were on sale so 20$ max. now all i need to do is find a much smaller friend i can give the pink ones too ;-)

- shoes i'm not sure on but went up a size. still waiting for those.

- any rubber / latex - always go for custom and also wash it 5 times in hot water before wearing. there is considerable chemical residues on it. chlorination once washed repeatedly makes a massive difference. wearing my long sleeve red/orange (somewhere in between) very long top for last week when not being interupted by amazon couriers or mailmen.

they do have sales periodically. the silver catsuit a snip at 22$ with ship all the way from across the sea. however after asking and offering hard $'s they won't do a custom top and bottom. when i have enough money i'll consider getting 2x to make two piece for easier mix and match / under clothes wearing. although i do need to find as seamstress who has the right machine to deal with stretch material.

in the meantime i ordered a black suit as they were on sale of course.

feel free to ask any any Q's -


ps; being someone who shares and tries to inspire - i just msg'd the maker of the robot leggins (under 10$!!) and suggested better doll tights (ones i've seen are so washed out), high waisted as well to include corseting/waist detailing and added this photo for reference.

i wander for a few minutes for fresh air and sights

typical, i stretch my legs, tp around to follow up some shopping tips and a dragon ensares me in her land.. first just posed in the large toy room then when i wasn't aware / afk - installed in doll box and RLV'd twelve ways to sunday.

i may never get out.

(still can be im'd). If you visit - be warned its a mine field so mak esure rlv is truly off. i can't release or touch anything.


Thursday, December 07, 2017

new latex doll mp3 by Obey Mistress Love

 it can be found here.

just made and now loaded onto Sensual Mistress.

her voice is both soft and yet so commanding... yes i am melting. and there is a sample clip to listen too as well.

extremely well timed as after amazon courier arrived with an underwhelming Lindt choc advent calendar - i'm dressed to melt deeper into the latex and who knows when i will return to normal. 


i just like the photo

looks like a dollish pose - or well on the way to being one.


tiss the season

do what do you want for Xmas? spending parents xmas money and not telling them really what your buying (or is that just me?)


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

could i get a custom one of me?

if one went further and added the previous post into this one....


how to be a doll or a mannequin irl

yes its possible now. ex-talking heads lead has run some experiments with this with VR headsets and a special rig of a doll in a chair, with 360 degree camera's x2 for the eyes.

you connect to the doll and can look around from her pov. now the trick is that the artist taps your doll knee at the same time an automated device taps your real knee. your so immersed in the view that your brain combines all the data together....

the video demo is here.

could be a brave new world for fetishists and dommes. actually there's an app in world SL to generate 360 images that can then be loaded into VR headset and if your trapped on display somewhere, thats the world you'll see.


how to refine and amply a fetish - quality iamges and writing

this may just me being fussy, but i've noticed over the years that its good story telling and writing or evocative images that can seduce me so much. even to the point of stoking an ember of a new fetish.

one i've just discovered that has just done exactly that is an excellent story  xTheInvisibleHandx's "Burlesque Puppets"  found on his Deviant Art page. i am still rereading sections of it...

what makes it great - scene setting, slow build up, a real seduction, slow transformation and a vertiginous moment or two where the decent becomes... well read it for yourself.  and do leave comments and feedback as us creative types need it.

i found this on Spirit Halloween and it's not awfull but semi low res. a better dress - perhaps EGL in styling, better makeup and finer details would be good. sadly you can't buy the accessories separately. and why oh why can't you get doll tights? yes you can from china/japan but they're all so teeny in sizing. (check here if you a small woman and want to round out that EGL dress)

well the ideas are there and something to start from.

on some of my dark musings, and in the right relationship i'd be enthralled by having a doll jointed tattoo's all over my body. 


it can be done just with make up....

totally impressed with her artistry. lips are perfect.

it would be an interesting fashion/photo shoot to have x number of models and make them all over like this then pose them around.


Monday, December 04, 2017

meanshile in Second Life...

i've seemed to have gotten trapped in a land where a dragon makes dolls and consumes their energy. an old friend Rei mistakenly visited. am i trapped here forever?

i am still on SL im's if you want to chat. just be warned if you ask for a TP that its dangerous here.

i am getting glossier by the hour. i wonder if the land owner reads the blog and realises I am building up a matching outfit - actually this all matches now.


had utterly forgotten about this video - robot, latex, MC....

back in 1997 no less. sadly no SD or HD version. would be so much better at 1080p:

what else is on your video list?


Sunday, December 03, 2017

silver catsuit, silver heels and boots, and .....

problems solved as i have the white mask from Spirit Halloween... which fits and looks good - though white.

on this mask

slow steps, building towards...


i keep an eye peeled for moody and evocative images

this was originally a cap by TiarasTwilight on her FB page - an actual reader of this very blog - WooHoo!!! someone does read it and inspired even.

i thought the images could use a more complex backstory so that's my next creative writing effort - may be awhile. so feel free to write your own and share.


name that style

i'm after these goggles on the left - any idea what to search for? in black or chrome mirror finish.

trick i find is using the right name for all these things - specialist words like latin in Harry Potter.