Sunday, May 17, 2015

some day, when i am in the right frame of mind / emmotion

i so want to be her, sealed deep in latex forever.

sometimes i am in Secondlife.... and i am still looking for the right ...... to seal me in forever and be kept as their doll.


supermodel coated in latex....

yes thats Linda Evangelista under there as shot for W Magazine in a superhero styled retro 50's set

latex by London designer Atsu Kokudo.

follow the link on W magazine for the full set. is it me or did they forget to polish it all?


Thursday, May 14, 2015

i am so transcending Second Life....

am i an artist or simply a muse? perhaps just curious orange....

following my entry entitled; Selfie from Second Life... 

i can now confirm that the UK based video/photographer has acquired - ie bid on and paid for - my (delayed) behalf a mask from Doc Vanderlay which is being repainted to match my Second Life look. i picked the one bellow as the structure of the face, eyes and lips matched the best.

just need a light/pale dollish skin and matching Geisha lips, slight rouge cheeks etc.  if you want to see what else can be done and follow my path of manifesting Second Life to physical reality then check out his ebay store.

not sure how long it will take to be made and painted or how long it will be before it gets mailed back too me. i just know the plan is to have it worn/appear at various fetish clubs in the UK and also use it for some fashion shoots.

perhaps i should just make it available and have it wander around from fetish model to fetish model around europe and US.....

art by proxy.... and cheaper air fare.


Saturday, May 02, 2015

old french horror / thriller involving dolls...

i've only just heard about this so not seen it. bellow's a youtube copy of it. its in french. anyone watched it yet?

there's been a few doll/mannequin/wax films but really have been let down by them. stories so far have been much darker, evocative and kinkier.

i had very high hopes for the recent house of wax - loved the poster. film is poo...

let me know what you make of this and if you've spotted better.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

latex bots in Jupiter Ascending

i just watched the film and spotted several semi background characters - very nice latex gynoids. now for the life of me i can't find any stills of these anywhere.

the film looks great but lacks much life or soul.

its worth a look as something to kill some time. i just can't bring myself to watch or even scrub through it to find the images/stills of the well crypted gyniods.

i wonder what happens to all the costumes? who made them is the next obvious Q.


apparently House of Harlot in London; according to this news item on their site

and now a photo from making of the suit / House of Harlot.


a bronze latex top?

can anyone confirm? was it used in the music video that goes along with it?


Saturday, April 25, 2015

couple of recent image finds

as there's almost no new writing out there....

no comments but loads of stats...

in case anyone (advertisers perhaps) are interested.


Friday, April 24, 2015

never saw the original - massive potential for a rewrite

i have a tendency to visit a range of sites that do captioning of stories - generally based on how good the bloggers captions are in an ideal world or just as important - and definitely how evocative and stylish the images chosen are. so european fashion magazines win out over selfies...

here is a still from a photo captioned story that could use a remix both in images and narrative.

full story is letting-punishment-fit-crime at Samatha de Savory's blog.

by the time i heard back from her the source shoot site had disappeared. anyone have a set they could email to me?


someone forgot the polish

yes its a real news story - no mention of the lack of polish as its all about the tighness of the dress.

check out the in depth reporting from the Daily Mail here.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

and now for some culture...

rocky horror songs performed on stage and filmed in 3d by regular contributor 'blackice'

use a browser other than chrome for the player to work and be able to switch back and forth to 3d in different modes.

oh yes, that is latex on stage....


just some random images i've seen recently i like