Sunday, September 16, 2018

spot the latex by London's House of Harlot

i swear the designer has been following Andy's latex blog.

what do you think? (towards the end). also spot how much latex besides the classic basic yellow raincoat.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

name that anime robot suit

spotted in a halloween pop up store in Canada a couple years ago apparently.

now how do we get the chinese cosplay makers to do ASFR styled outfits?


Sunday, September 09, 2018

i'm not dead, but still very fragile

ongoing medical crap is ongoing. so hense my lack of posts and off and barely appearing in Second Life since May. that fragile doll isn't just a metaphor in my case. :-(

in my case is where i presently reside, pretty well acquired now by Peachy Moonwall. im's cut off a good part of the time buy feel free to email me at or you could msg her and see where you get.

i don't even think i can do notes - so email me. blog posts will continue to trickle forth when not reduced to a plant like existance in a hospital bed, tube going in and out.


imagine it and you'll find it...?

as you may have noticed the hints of the magical, goddesses, dolls as tottems etc in my blog. sometimes even resulting in a story or at least a caption.

one such modified image / captioon was about a domme witch into latex and finding the reader, proceeds to take her deeply into even more latex and eventually make her very own sub/doll out of her with such raw potential being displayed for the world to see.

surprise, surprise - while i occasionally meet a mistress in SL that has some of these tendancies for the craft, a new book on 'Witches in America' pop'd up on a feed and the last image is a head to toe latex witch in her dungeon....

i wonder if she makes rubber dolls? anyone know or recognize her?

any serious latex mistresses out there also witches? how does it all mesh together?


Wednesday, September 05, 2018

image junky fixes

i do have a Deviant Art account and do collect images and artists I like there - so if you need a faster update of my particular fetish - head on over:

say hello and direct me to your work there as well.


roll play a robot?

i think some aliexpress / chinese cosplay costume makers need to make a zentai suit to match this new robot. it doesn't look complex - just a few panels.

now the next one could be a purpose drawn gyniod in the style of Theiry Mugler's chrome woman.

some sort of crowd source / deviant art competition?


normally done on paintings

sent in from a facebook feed: face swaps of tattoo's. for more - just google the various collections out there

thought the abstraction, dollesque and twilight zone element might spawn someone to write something.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

anyone out there?

i do wonder sometimes.

add a comment.


i like the designer, not a fan of the wearer

kim kardashian wears Atsuko Kudo in Florida

nor am i keen on neon colors tbh, the pewter is better.


its a metaphor

Friday, August 03, 2018

not as agile as her back up human dancers

i hadn't seen this till the just posted NYT video micro doc, so found and now sharing.

i am not impressed yet - but when she's better than the back up dancers then i will be.

you decide.

there also seems to be a comedy clip / skit based on it. any one have a link they can share?


do w rebel or want to join them or perhaps hijack them for our own desires?

a short video essay on NYT's website: Welcome Our New Fembot Overlords

hadn't heard of the totally cgi / personality but then i don't use my phone for much more than calls and txt's.

popi made it in and the comparison to kyle jenner to a cyborg is apt.

 worth a look.