Sunday, November 04, 2018

new collabiration - started with the basics,expanded and rounded

and all been AOK'd by the creator on DA: Supercena12

Long Halloween
rev Asudem Latex v1
based on SuperCena12

Honey, are you sure about my costume for Halloween? I look and sound so unnatural. Something was in the drink you gave me?

The powder which helped you don this bodysuit is actually a glue that will last a week. Likewise the drink effects your vocal cords, raising several octaves higher… it does really complete and sell the ensemble now don’t you think? Sorry, but you look, sexy and gorgeous - my perfect dream lover realised and your just for me. And the dress is just amazing. A complete and perfect package!

What? Wait, wait, wait - I will be this woman for a week! Halloween’s just one night a year you know!!

But I have made such plans for you, like these;

1 Make you a woman, know your new body an deliver pleasure to another as only a Woman can. By only being able to satisfy yourself as a woman will convince you.
2 Make you enjoy the many fetishes I really really miss and need. That’s Masks, Corsets, Heels, and stylish encompassing ensembles. I could never wear them here - now we both can be enveloped to these extremes I desire for the entire week.

Oh no.

3 Make you love latex as much as I do. I’m secretly utterly addicted to it and so will you be within the space of a week. That’s all you’ll ever wear for me. You’ll be rewired to only be aroused as I want. Programmed like a toy. A doll. Our mutual addiction will propel ourselves oh so far into the depths of latex and each others tight embraces.

Seeing how well you turned out is making me wet and shiver with anticipation.

What!!?? I never knew

Oh not a hint, you loved my patent black boots, always commenting and wanting me to wear them - that was as stylish acceptable way I could show my fetish??? Really now. It was a huge tip of the iceberg.

You didn’t even see the 2nd part of my apt, the walk in wardrobe is another world of sight, smell, texture. The other side of me, which I’ve decided to take you through to join me. The suits talc powder will wear off in a week as I promised but there’s another agent, drinkable that creates a longer bond that lasts… well it would be a long halloween indeed.

I’m simply fanning the spark I saw in you and after a week you’ll be begging me to drink that final potion; surrendering your release totally to my discretion. Kept as a willing latex lesbian doll.

kinkiest halloween costumes?

its that time again - post in comments the weirder and fetishised costumes you found.


image junky fix

i am on Deviant Art but rarely post there, as i have this blog and enough readers/followers here - so don't expect anything new there however i do collect images.

the direct link is -

also i search for images and text that inspire me off in a certain direction as they act as seeds from a different pov and voice. i'll write and craft these myself for my own amusement then check with the source creator to see what they think and if its ok to publish on the blog or where-ever they want too.

just emailed another DA person to see what they make of my remix/extended dir cut of their caption. fingers crossed


i'm back in SL.... and lost items

i've been not well again and just now getting back to old self after weeks away.

i logged into Second Life (with RLV) and someone had msg'd me, given me a new set of doll skin/joints. But having been offline when offered and RLV'd me I couldn't accept. Its all disappeared.

if that was you, please im me again, email me here etc.

i can currently and for some time be found Art Gallery of Accidental Entanglement

msg me inworld at Asudem Kasei

i could use some rlv and dressing expertise as for the most part i am just my own screen saver and use it for chat. still un moving.

i am looking for total automation and permasealing in world. plus also some way to give out my writing / note cards.

feel free to say hello if nothing else.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

my next quasi EGL top

going to secure this off of ebay from china and get it ordered sooner than later so it arrives in time for Christmas.

now i want to EGL it more, so i could use some input on swapping out the colors. perhaps a tweak or two on the cut. they seem to be ok with that.

saves commissioning a design from scratch.

the purple and black combo has something to it and was used nicely by Anastasia bellow

 defininately not the clear as i have that being used somewhere else.

so perhaps:
- black main body
- wrists and collar purple but the ruffles on wrist are white
- front buttons white
- hip ruffles black semi trans

above is their choice of colors


Monday, October 08, 2018

clockwork fans -

i wonder it if its a catsuit or drawn direct on skin. someone in china needs to make various style doll / robot zetain suits....

Sunday, October 07, 2018

well made latex

just more eye candy for you all  featuring Fantastic Rubber.

anyone read Russian?

so we have a living altex doll woman artis in Russia and in the UK. looks like there's room for a north american one now doesn't there? Katy Perry count?

no - don't nominate - i'm not a social butterfly.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

the illustrator wanted captioned text / story

as found on deviant art, so i figure i'd have a go and spread it further a field.

loads of dolls / tf in their artwork;  chasetruth on Deviant Art


just text for now....

i'm being made into latex by the wonderful renderer Lenni543210 on deviant art.

she had done a couple of sequences where other DA readers id's characters find her in situ and asked to be made over in latex...

needless to say i was a intrigued, sort of jealous and wishing to fall under her spell and skills. i did eventually.

the two panels and short text is done now but not published. as i tend too - i got carried away and rounded out the text, details, backstory etc. insider tip; she used my crap selfie as reference for the before shot though my hair is never that tidy or slick.

here's what caught my eye: Rubberised part 1 and Becoming-A-Rubbergirl.

the full text which i may add too....

frame 1

Just relax, dear acolyte. I did hear your wishes. Your continued worship of expensive latex fashion summoned me with such a deep heartfelt desire. I know you’ll be a perfect addition to my world. Your are to join US - become as we are.  I am transforming you into a latex being to satisfy us both our needs - A pretty living doll. You’ll make a prized position in my bed and room.

M-my entire body tickles, becoming slick and tight… i hear squeaks when i move. my - my mind and body feels slick…. let me serve you. let me please you eternally in latex my Goddess. I am a good toy. (silence)

frame 2

Oh your now so look cute in those shiny latex items; my little doll. Only a hint of your identity remains, so submerged you are in latex. None of your friends could ever tell. A latex being now, bound to forever wear latex; my mannequins always to hand dressing, animating and caring for you in my absence. Now girls, give her a seductive pose and put her in my bedroom once you’re done.
++++ (serious extra)

utterly cute - check, totally latex - check, no ability to move without me or her sister mannequins - check, can only wear latex - check. dedicated to worshiping me and latex - well thats the first reason i selected her so - check. Hmm almost there but missing…. Ah, the last part - join me in bed doll. Satisfy me. (kisses deeply).  Three hrs later - the sheets now turned to latex (side effect of passion) - yes your a definite keeper. Cuddles her doll deeply, entwined. Lets out a purr…

“I need to ask, make it official for this last permanent change; give me your will. ‘Of course, I am a good doll. I am made to please always and forever’.  They kiss deeply -  an odd feeling. Arises, a click. A key hole appears on the back of the dolls neck just peaking out of her latex ruffled collar.

Purrrfect. How does it feel? “I don’t feel anything new”. Oh its deep but its there. Your now utterly automatic. My automatic doll… you can’t express any free will at all. Any movement more noticeably mechanical you see. A perfect toy. No questions, no deviation. Extreme bondage without the clunky accessories. Also I can pose you standing for weeks, months and even years and you’d never know. Perfect for window display duties.

Now your truly a toy and I rather leaving the doll at home, you’ll be be an envoy, a tease, a lure to expand my legions. Posed in a top fetish shop window of my deciding, my mannequin slaves attending, - jailers, - dressors. forever changing your poses, dresses etc while not needed servicing in the bedroom.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

spot the latex by London's House of Harlot

i swear the designer has been following Andy's latex blog.

what do you think? (towards the end). also spot how much latex besides the classic basic yellow raincoat.