Sunday, May 22, 2016

the Rubber Sisters in 3d?

yes its true!!!

my UK correspondent who also contributes to Skin Two magazine and shoots at Torture Garden spent a day filming the The Rubber Sisters in Brighton in a fancy hotel used by politicians for their annual conferences as well along the seaside in Brighton and a final long scenes in a Hove dungeon (apparently that where they all are).

and while the footage turned into two clips on their website - it turns out it was all shot in 3d!!! james cameron eat your hear out - no computer generated blue cat people here (although it does exist as a 3d porn film) here.

here's a proof he sent me and he also added he's meeting with the two local dommes in the film to nail down ideas to turn the scenes into a full short film. with a plot and everything!

waiting on more news. if you have a pair of old fashioned red/cyan glasses then you can see this frame in 3d.

now could the kind sponsor of my mask from Doc Vanderlay please arrange to post it to him so i can appear in the film by proxy? maybe i should just have my Second Life avatar head mailed around the world to appear in fetish films? Emma Lee???


jet setting latex doll embraced by the fashionistas around the world...

its Pandemonia Panacea btw and she's so easy to find on google. no longer a secret corner of the internet. i want her hair!


so far behind....

having just posted the collaborated captioned, i noticed i had 6+ entries waiting to be finished...

then there's a stack of links and a few downloaded images like the bellow from Simon O

couture rubber doll?

and here's another site i was directed too; Vibe Hypnosis - check it out - free mp3s and this is the selection i've found of personal interest. i do find he reminds me of Klaus the fish from American Dad... but i've not given a proper listen to any of them. please do and post results in comments.


a collaboration with zoliborz on deviant art

i wrote the text based on a brief caption i found elsewhere. then he corrected all the spelling and gramar errors and found perfect images to create the end results above.

his page on deviantart is here.

check out his other work and if your an image junky your welcome to see my 'collections' there which can be found by hitting this link.

also do free free to recommend other artists to me.


Friday, April 08, 2016

PVC EGL hard rocking 'Baby Metal' makes US debut....


 yes - but then I've been listening to them for awhile and other anime inspired music.


Thursday, April 07, 2016

its in realtime... digital avatars for immersive VR and Second Life?

all the tech is converging. i could imagine a bdsm array rig that controls you utterly, a faceless drone helmet to blank you out and act as a project VR system and also track facial expressions.

there's a very old photo of what it could look like which I'll add when i find it.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

the New York Times notices....

to be honest its not the best or most creative or even _interesting_ items out there. the full story and some utterly banal photos can be found in; raiding-the-sex-shop-for-the-latest-fashion

your thoughts? do we blame Lady Gaga or Madonna?

they should of had a way better picture researcher on it - call up VOGUE.IT for example.


Saturday, March 26, 2016

where i was all week in Second Life...

i was discussing with a control system creator my goals in SL and apparently with their Refractor or ACS system its now possible to be utterly automated and reduced to a display object and doll with the added element which want added - to be release and animated for personal play as well as remote control.

so i visited Refractor and a Doll there was kind enough to set up a case for me.  i was there all week... its a friendly place yet i still really don't know what i could be getting into. the words permasealed, doll, burnt in, forever echoing and pulling me like a magnet  onwards regardless.

though with far sight and open IM blocked i was somewhat stir crazy after 24/5 and gave in and asked to be released for a bit of virtual fresh air. the case owner was busy and a quick set up of new case wasn't possible - so i am back roaming loose - drawn to empty cases and mannequin stands.

given kelsea's love of toy soldiers... i found a RL addition to my latex wardrobe... perhaps not the entire thing as i have black latex slacks and tights of course, just the military top.... given my latex addition, need to be a good doll, i may just order The Miley in the next few months...

i think she'll admire my dedication across worlds?


another animated GIF...

amazingly well done imho.


Friday, March 25, 2016

from a UK style magazine i've never heard of....

animated 3d GIFs!

so some sort of 3d or sorts. full story on original site along with a video - here.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

how did I miss this?

Kylie Jenner's Interview Magazine Photoshoot Just Broke The Internet

it was on news stands! its not a small magazine like readers digest.... geez - fat load of goo you lot are. posting images i find / dig up in next few days. will check Ebay for used copies.


no idea who or where this came from - ideal for a life sized poster

not sure how well it would come out - though i'll look into it and have it printed to fit the back of my bedroom door.

captions? or even story? - yes Brad Poe is the only one who rose the to challenge last time.... and thank you for that. so many hits (2.8 million) so little comments.


some weekend films

if your not into the Easter thing here's a couple of films that when i saw them were triggers/catalysts of my doll and mannequin fetish from my teen years. looks like someone has kindly uploaded them so i can share.

first is a cult bizarro italian horror film called Succubus which i did an entry about ages ago. now you can watch it: here.  i tried to do an insert via blogger but there were to many hits.

then there's the less Italian and less stylish Invasion of the Bee Girls. fashion models with giant sunglasses are converted into Bee Girls. so stylish in their outfits.

an honorable mention should also go to one i've seen briefly but could not find anywhere - 'Carry on Screaming'.

for the mannequin TF sequence / scene. 


i feel this reflection is coming out more every day now

found while looking through old folders of saved images and sort of nails on the head my doll / latex fetish... just noticed her shiny pants as well.... starting to out herself as well?


whose Deviant Art page is here. not even looked at it yet so about to have a look see. see how many fetishes are nailed.