Friday, September 04, 2015

its all smoke and mirrors or makeup....

some how to guides posted on Fetlife...

and the Full Barbie... someone buy her some latex...



Tuesday, September 01, 2015

if your in Toronto and want to get Drunk....

with hypnosis ...... in public

they were calling out for ideas for hypnosis. the reader who tipped me off suggested two;

- eurotrashed - as you get progressively drunk you loose ability to speak english and end up with a weird disjointed European accent of indeterminate country.
- ballooned - progress so you become a latex balloon person, physical sensations of skin, latex, bouncy walk and you start to stick with static electricty to others.

so whose going to the next one? they have a facebook page here if your on stalkbook.


Monday, August 31, 2015

look into the spiral.....

although all i hear is mubbly voice...

let us all know how and if it works.

feel free to recommend others along the same line and how it was for you.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

he didn't mention it; but its now on Rubber Sisters site

i was revisiting the Rubber Sisters site and spotted the real name of occasional contributor 'black ice' in the credits. i emailed him and asked for the whole story.

apparently he was first to shoot the legendary latex dolls in the UK and in fact their home splash page was using his image. they were over to the UK last fall and to Brighton where he spent a day with them, improvise filming and in 3D no less!

he didn't know that they had put up the footage and explained he was trying to create a story from all the areas they shot which included Miss Velour's participation but not her fully equiped dungeon.

he explained that editing 3d footage is a bitch and he's only just getting up to speed on how to work with it effectively- needing special tools/software.

as he's still behind in getting another project going he's not revisited the RS footage. all he'd say is that is a complete story rather than just 'scenes''.

you can see his clips on the Rubber Sisters site here.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

now if they started to sell complete outfits....

been busy digging through Latex Catfish's site to see what they're designs and prices are like.

anyone purchased from them before?

one complete outfit - anime inspired - caught my eye.

now the question is - do they sell the mask as well? will they do others? of course i asked them in an email as well as suggesting several doll suit designs be added to their catalog.

they also do a 'doc martin' styled rubber shoe/boot. this is also an area that needs much more variety. the famed Aquo Boots made of pure rubber are apparently coming back for hundreds of dollars each.


sureal mannequin transformation....

from a cult 60's film called Succubus. i was always somewhat fixated on this. its not heavy in special effects - more of a vertiginous shift to the mannequin result.

it starts at 45 min into the film.

so is it just me who was capitvated?


if second life rubberiods were real

MASK4MASK from Folsom Street Events on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

if they can make suits with that amount of detail....

via my searches on alibaba, i stumbled upon Latex Catfish which i've heard of but not dealt with. some of the far east latex makers are notorious for stealing designs as well as the photo's. my other issue with them is the latex is not 'grade a', more like hotdog meat - so not as shiny and needed a considerable amount of washing to get residue chemicals out.
that given, since the latex sheeting comes from Malaysia - which is a damn sight closer to China than Europe.....

so can't say what their clothes are like till i get them. here's a chance to chip in via comments.

after digging through their site, i realised the appeal of their prices and the level of detailing. surely I need to introduce them to more doll-esque themes as well as ASFR..?

could they realise the famed Thierry Muglers Gyniod?


now i know where it came from....

reports came in that the Rubber Sisters were using a new latex doll/female mask in their shoots. now spot the odd one out;

yes, its the one in the center and its made of very thin latex. i emailed the Rubber Sisters and they explained its made by a new company; Feitico which does a pretty extensive range of these masks for both women and men.

the detailing is very impressive and unlike the molded masks or the super realistic silicon ones - these are super thin latex like the famed heart faced clear one made by another European latex designer.

here's the best two of interest to my dear readers:

they eye detailing is simply amazing and the other thing that sets them appart is the molded 3d latex lips. they're not another detailed application, rather full deep rubber lisp.

of course also being made of thin latex they're much easier to wear for a very long time.....


trapped in.....

knowing my new latex top is coming, i started on my ongoing search for new items to extend my wardrobe and immerse me deeper in latex.

one thing i've always been curious about - inflatable bubbles but also - inflatable dresses. so here's one i found in pvc on Alibaba....

i think it goes back to my childhood where i loved the idea of inflatable pool toys and then somehow that crossed over with balloons and wanting to be _inside_ said balloon or toy.

the other unspoken aspect of it of course is it requires someone to put you into it. trapping you in the dress. so a form of bondage isn't it?


Sunday, August 23, 2015

latex on the way... perhaps next purchase?

thanks to help with the selections Mistress R in SL. i have this being made in silver on order - her choice.

so that's coming and like all chinese latex i've had so far - make is fine however the latex used needs a lot of washing, might need to wear something under it.

the other is - well more latex obviously - but the ring i posted earlier. yes i know its not hypnotic or magic per se, but why not? you have your favourite shoes for special events/nights out. its not too different now is it?

its a prop - that will seduce me.... and make me a better doll.


i don't really like tattoo's but...

this could be on my want list....

along with a few others....

love to hear your suggestions of what you'd like or what you would suggest for me. keep it in two catergories - soft as above and well - extreme - i am a doll canvas with no hope of passing as human.