Tuesday, March 07, 2017

masks as good as dolls...

found somewhere on the web which was sourced from tumblr apparently. looks like a cosplayer? any ideas?

and to prove its a mask - here's the unboxing shots...

which reminds me - where in (&*@!!!! is the doc vanderlay mask a fan / contributor made me and was going to do some fashion shoots with before mailing on???

if he's too busy then, please please please, see if a famous fetish model wants it or perhaps the Rubber Sisters even?



Mx Supermarine Spitfire said...

This one knows the Tumblr that these come from—http://femalemask.tumblr.com

Robin said...

Most of the pictures from the above named tumblr account are from "Regina doll". She hasn't been active for about a year now unfortunately.

Others like Regina are "Corona Doll" (forgot link, but you can Google or Bing it) and Ulquiorra-sama (http://yjfhentyq.blog.163.com/blog/)

You should their friends on their own site. There is more where that came from.