Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the way to wear latex and get away with it

i spotted this scan on a fashion site a few weeks ago and i realized that the fashion crowd has figured out what i've known for some time now which is its all about mixing and matching and accenting with black and shiny.

full on head to toe latex is still very much the domain of us hard core latex addicts. i think this is why the latex like leggings have taken off in a big way in some parts of the world.

now when the designers will start incorporating actual latex into their designs is another questions though from my research it appears there's new generations of latex designers in the wings as the latex workshops keep selling out whether they're in London or Sanfransisco.

Any readers out there dabbling in latex design?


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Anonymous said...

For sure I'm wrong, but it seems from the picture that it's not latex, but leather or something similar. The shine is not the one of latex and if you see at the wrist, you can see the stitches.
Anyway, a wonderful picture of Gwen Stephani, if I'm not wrong.