Monday, January 26, 2015

are we all oxytocin addicts....

an idea i thought of a while ago....

tight and shiny....?  there's actually a real therapy called compression therapy as well. could explain the new wave of interests in corsets. a very long hug from morning till bedtime.

i do remember the one time i was able to experience a vacbed and it was - 'just leave me in here - coat me in latex glue, put me in between and leave it all on till i am trapped here'. also explains where you can find me in second life of course (at Sarah's Sanctuary - but in what)

and reportadly Lady Gaga's favourite designer likes them as well. - a way to display models on a catwalk show has more in common with mistresses dungeons..


1 comment:

John Evans said...

A good mummification in cling wrap is also a great way to get compressed and feel like you have a shiny artificial doll skin, I find.