Friday, March 13, 2015

German latex Dolls wanted for documentary

My name is Maria. I’m actually a photographer from Berlin, but I’ve started to work on a documentary for Vice about Dolls today. The documentary will consist of three different stories and one of them is about Female Masking. The others are Reborn Babies and Japanese Love Dolls.

I’m especially looking for potential protagonists for our film. So if there is someone out there who would be interested in participating, don't hesitate to contact me. Or maybe someone knows someone who would be intersted please feel free to forward my request.

I’ve attached a video about the Reborn Babies, that already has been shot for a previous documentary (this time only focussing on baby dolls). This could help you understand how our documentary will look like and maybe or hopefully it will catch your interest! Unfortunately it’s only in german, but you can switch on the subtitles and there’s an article written in english that comes with the link: let me know, if you have quetsions. Looking forward to hear from you! 

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