Tuesday, May 26, 2015

a new home and more in Second Life?

after spending time on and off at Sarahs Sanctuary I was being noisy (as i tend to be) checking out peoples picks as they passed by and found; Rubber Kingdom.

sounds perfect for a visit, so TP'd over and before i knew it i had found a nice doll case and an old friend already there.

then i was told a story of 'Sammy' by the owner of the Kingdom - Camuel Moonwall - about a girl that came to visit and "she wanted a new SL, a new Life. So she wiped her identity, her profile, her friendlist, changed her name she is now, Sextoy "Sammy" forever sealed as the fuckable statue you see down there."

shades of Allen Jones - now isn't it?

while that's her own particular kink it does open up the idea i've been pursuing for some years now - becoming a bot in world. always there, always controlled until my owner takes me aside and with a kiss lifts the spell and I there free to please her. for everyone else i'd be like Sammy - frozen display object, in a doll case or perhaps automated and controllable - made to dance,  greet and other severely automatic dollness. everyone of course would now my fate and wonder...

is this what Ray Kurzweil was on about... uploaded into virtual worlds?  tbc...



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