Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Emma Lee - Pervy Doll; is she living the life i secretly need?

on the run up to Christmas I received a series of images / captions on a feed from Emma Lee. now on the face of its - very heavy rubber but it was her misc captions that got me.

here's one I kept and image;

'Yes, we can rubberize this teeth and tongue permanently and turn into a rubbersucking love machine! '

now if you've not sussed by now my interest in latex is as much as a fetishist for the material as fashion / couture styling. instant chic.... but sometimes, somestimes I wonder about this really heavy rubber aspects.

my first taste of what i'd call heavy rubber was last christmas's present to myself a UK styled rain coat aka Macintosh which was sooo heavy it wore me. let that sink in. the weight was verging on oppressive but held and immersed me so much.  clothes as extreme bondage. hmmm possibilities

i never really wore it so unloaded it but i just spotted this elsewhere which is more of a fashion look and can be explained away in the office while you stink up the place with raw rubber.  i think i would of held onto it if i was more daring with the selection of the color of latex.

its from a London designer (of course) however I found the macintosh one needed a lining really badly - i love latex but i'm not going to freeze for the sake of fashion and latex really drains heat fast.

maybe for the spring.....

you can learn and see more of Emma Lee's adventures of how she spent Christmas.



Robofish said...

That jacket is really nice, but yeah, it does still raise certain practical issues.

As for Emma Lee, I think she's living the life we all need. :)

parangsakti said...

Emma Lee's Twitter proves that. She lives rubber 24/7

Anonymous said...

yes she is

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