Sunday, May 22, 2016

the Rubber Sisters in 3d?

yes its true!!!

my UK correspondent who also contributes to Skin Two magazine and shoots at Torture Garden spent a day filming the The Rubber Sisters in Brighton in a fancy hotel used by politicians for their annual conferences as well along the seaside in Brighton and a final long scenes in a Hove dungeon (apparently that where they all are).

and while the footage turned into two clips on their website - it turns out it was all shot in 3d!!! james cameron eat your hear out - no computer generated blue cat people here (although it does exist as a 3d porn film) here.

here's a proof he sent me and he also added he's meeting with the two local dommes in the film to nail down ideas to turn the scenes into a full short film. with a plot and everything!

waiting on more news. if you have a pair of old fashioned red/cyan glasses then you can see this frame in 3d.

now could the kind sponsor of my mask from Doc Vanderlay please arrange to post it to him so i can appear in the film by proxy? maybe i should just have my Second Life avatar head mailed around the world to appear in fetish films? Emma Lee???



Andy.latex said...

Brighton? I live in Brighton! How the flipping heck did I miss this? Well of it was to happen it would have to happen here. Darn it, I would love to be consumed by the rubbersisters.
So close yet still so far.
Best wishes Asudem

Unknown said...
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