Monday, February 13, 2017

accidental artist discovery on Deviant Art

yes, i am on Deviant art and you can see my on going collection of images and following of other users on my page here.

my new find is Dr Zerious who has a separate page you can find yourself via his page or wait for me to do a better write up over next few days.

it seems in his cgi universe of comics published people seek out and wear custom latex doll suits to have sex in.

"My goal is to give pleasure to my readers - I don’t wish to show torture, suffering or things like that as I don’t support any of that - although in the context of a good story some of that might turn up . . . . . . . :)
I like women to be given respect and rights and so this is shown in my work too. 
I also want to explore other ideas - androids, society and surveillance for example, while still providing fun and adventure . . . but you can probably guess that from the comics."


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