Sunday, October 08, 2017

if your a motocylcist and head out in latex

you might very well want this headgear....

now let common sense rule for a second; it will be shockingly cold if your wearing a latex catsuit and it offers no protection in an accident. explains why leathers are so thick and padded - for warmth and crash protection.

perhaps it would go better with a bespoke patent leather catsuit with a fur lining...


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Unknown said...

Ok, I didn't want to comment last time, because Tron cycles are life. :) Not to mention, most of the "real-life Tron cycles" out there are electric and avoid this problem. But. . .

Latex on a motorcycle with a fuel-burning, exposed and HOT engine? Really? You want to cook your own legs?

This is one of those things that only looks good when the bike is completely shut off and NOT running. It makes a good still pic, but seeing it in motion means you ARE in the Matrix (or headed for the Emergency Ward for burns).

My apologies for being a buzzkill, but real life is a thing. :)

(besides, since when do dolls have to do their own driving and riding? Aren't they TAKEN places instead?)

Just saying,

Brad P. (who is frustrated that women in his neighborhood are wearing corsets under their t-shirts and being all toy-ish, but he's too old to speak up now. . .)