Tuesday, January 02, 2018

now with matching handbag....

the next generation of remade Acquo boots are now on sale and comes with bonus handbag. you can get a pair or more  in their shop page here.

for those of you not familiar with Atomage magazine from the UK in the 60'70's these were not a niche fashion oriented soft rubber boot available in Sweden.  in their pages they also tended to be matched with heavy rubber rain wear. due to their ratity they became somewhat of a cultish item for rubber fetishists. the are very soft rubber - no where near what the fashionista's and royality wear at Glastonbury in those muddy fields.

the closest thing i found but never in my size as they've come and gone are Sigerson Morrison 'Rain or Shine' boots. again fabric lined and soft rubber. very tall narrow shaft which will collapse under their own weight - unlike Hunters or Riding Boots.  i just looked but there's none on ebay.com...



John Evans said...

Thank you for the link!

Andy.latex said...

Nice boots, perfectly smooth and polished, just slim and lengthen the heel and we have a sale

Asudem Latex said...

check the site out - no super high heels - but 4 inch i think.

the lack of rubber shoes / heels / boots is a definite thing. the Follow the Mushroom scooped wedges i simply LOVE - but they just made them for the shoots apparently.

there is a ebay'er in poland who does them with killer heels but from i can see they are based on molded stockings so no where near best latex.