Monday, February 26, 2018

too cute

two questions that arise when going for head to toe latex wearing - latex footwear / boots and hair. i think this solves the second.



Anonymous said...

Would love such outfit!

Unknown said...

I think the effect would be cuter, maybe more immersive if the masks were custom-made to each person's face, so that the eyes, nose and mouth-holes could fit tighter, instead of leaving big holes for the eyes and then a loose, blank bit over the nose and mouth to breathe through. If I'm seeing the pictures right.

Thing is, this is a cuter, but still flawed version of that AquaAerobikka look--too much wrestler mask going on over the faces, as if the people wearing them couldn't take latex IN the nostrils or over their lips. Never mind anything close to the eyelids, of course.

But hey, what do I know? (shrugs)

B. Poe