Sunday, September 09, 2018

imagine it and you'll find it...?

as you may have noticed the hints of the magical, goddesses, dolls as tottems etc in my blog. sometimes even resulting in a story or at least a caption.

one such modified image / captioon was about a domme witch into latex and finding the reader, proceeds to take her deeply into even more latex and eventually make her very own sub/doll out of her with such raw potential being displayed for the world to see.

surprise, surprise - while i occasionally meet a mistress in SL that has some of these tendancies for the craft, a new book on 'Witches in America' pop'd up on a feed and the last image is a head to toe latex witch in her dungeon....

i wonder if she makes rubber dolls? anyone know or recognize her?

any serious latex mistresses out there also witches? how does it all mesh together?


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plateglass6 said...

I think it is Dia Dynasty