Sunday, April 29, 2007

more about fetish and hypnosis...

and in a very surprising form of two different sites who do podcasts.

for those unfamiliar with the techno jargon babble 'word of the moment', its simply an mp3 file someone made of anything really. instead of listening too it streaming like a radio show, you download it to your computer to listen to it there or stick it on your portable MP3 player. various places allow regular subscriptions to shows to be automatically downloaded as they become available and itunes for one has a category dedicated to different types of podcasts.

this brings me to long running show Fetish Flame which has just done a new podcast with Natasha Strange where they explore hypnosis in fetish and SM. she does have a lovely soft and dreamy voice.... back episodes are archivced and there's one on vacbeds i'll be listening too soon too.

another site that specifically explors hypnosis and mind control is the Realm of Bliss Podcast. it has a basic blog to keep you up todate and link to the site with the mp3s and she's up to four shows!

do check them out and let them know you found their sites covered here.



Dan said...

Man... those "Realm of Bliss Podcast"
shows are awesome. Thanks for finding those links and posting them.

I too read your blog regularly, very cool.

Asudem Latex said...

yes they are aren't they?

so much info from really friendly person.

looking forward to more... and an interview maybe in the works


Anonymous said...

Her voice sends shivers down my spine.