Tuesday, April 10, 2007

vogue spreads: aliens, clones and dolls

the new issue of Vogue from italy was positively brimming with doll, mannequin and spacey imagery. so much so i'll have to do another session with the scanner sometime soon.

meanwhile here's a some of the advertising spreads that pretty well cover a full series of the x-files in there..



Bradley said...

Paging WinterRose...Paging WinterRose....

^_^ Wow, it sure does look like the first pic at the top of this post was at least *inspired* a little bit by a certain ensemble pic at the front page of a certain FAQ that I'm *sure* "nobody* in mainstream fashion has heard of (at least according to "Dark", *lol*). :p

That...or the folks at _Vogue_ somewhere are still, *still* digging Orgy's "Blue Monday". O_O

But hey, it's the *21st freaking Century* already! If we can't have at least *some* people looking *somewhat* futuristic in "the future" here, what's the point? ^_^

Nifty, lovely pics as always Asudem!

Dark said...

The high fashion pix are a hoot... no doubt about that... But I don't see anything even close to this on the streets of NYC where I am everyday. Perhaps this stuff may show up in clubwear???

I do think that the fetish influence on the fashion pages is coming from the fetish houses... I just don't see it penetrating the mainstream. What may be happening is that the fetish scene is expanding and become more fashion and less BDSM.. or diluted by fetish fashion. It seems that fetish fashion is a rather new concept... who ever heard of this emphasis 20 years ago?

Anonymous said...


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