Tuesday, February 08, 2011

now its captioned

i spotted this image already captioned on on a blog somewhere. thanks to Brenda Big Tits for back in forthing my draft and tweaking it as per my continuity requests. i just love the expressions on their faces and off course the perfect bottom.

do write in comments or leave feedback with Brenda Big Tits as all of us bloggers really revel in any feedback and support as we get so little.


Diana and Lesley were impressed with how their deep hypnotic conditioning had so effectively reshaped Laura, transforming their once-dowdy roommate into such a hot body. The commands they embedded compelled her to exercise relentlessly until she was perfect. She proved to be an excellent subject, which would make their subsequent plans so much easier to realize.

Her sexuality proved even simpler to mold: she now joined them as a true lesbian in their household. When they first began, her foreplay was hesitant and robotic, but there must have been a switch somewhere, something that flipped as if a light had turned on. Laura now embraced her new inclinations with passion and vigor.

They smiled, feeling her perfect skin, knowing in moments their plan would be complete. After putting her to sleep, they would cover her entire body in a very light and thin clear latex catsuit, with an invisible sealable strip, she would not even know she was wearing one. They would awaken her with their final hypnotic command: "you are our plaything, now and always."

Once awakened, she would only ever see herself as latex doll. Old notions of autonomy and freedom would be as alien to her as the thought of ever wearing natural fabrics again. She would repulsed by such thoughts. She would crave latex clothes with the core of her being, needing them like oxygen, wearing them constantly, the sexiest outfits, making her their dedicated lesbian latex toy forever.


Anonymous said...

Like the pictures a lot, but I wish those captioned picture sites would show the unaltered original also.

Asudem Latex said...

me too. i have asked nicely and see if she'll send them over.