Sunday, February 20, 2011

some women do actually look like barbie

and she comes with her own pink car!

more photo's from the series can be found here.

which sort of begs the question; is there an annual living barbie doll competition somewhere in the world? you really think there would be now wouldn't you. (or that could just be me)



Anonymous said...

There are no such contests for living Barbies (but plenty for the doll itself), probably because looking just like Barbie isn't good for the body.

rubber-roo said...

i'm in love!

Anonymous said...

I'm a barbie girl
in a Barbie world
Asudem wrapped in plastic
life's fantastic!

You can pull my hair
slap my face several times
just don't unplug my internet
oh yeah

Anonymous said...

She's right in that "sweet spot" of anorexia before her emaciation becomes completely gross.

Anonymous said...

Who is she?