Wednesday, June 03, 2015

my heads somewhere in the UK now....

apparently my new mask / head based on my long standing look in Second Life (created by Doc Vanderlay) has now arrived with the photographer in the UK and he's getting a still of it over to be in a day or so. was waiting for 'the best light' - sounds so like a photographer. he has a hair stylist and new fashion designer lined up already who are also reportadly keen to do shoots with it and waiting as well.

its the UK - its overcast and rains alot .... lol!

as he's worked with the famed role models Rubber Sisters perhaps he should mail my head over to them after he's done shoots (perhaps even videos) with it there?

as i also a semi regular character in Drake's digital comic Medusariffic, perhaps i can convince them to work together on something? i'd write the story, then UK photog do shots and Drake the worlds etc?

oooh maybe i can end up in the window at Libidex's shop in London? if you run a latex shop in EU do email me.

while not a perfect match, i think this wig would work well in the shoot - just a hint and on ebay btw.



Anonymous said...

OK - just secured it for you. Might as well keep it all together for the shoots. Both hair stylist and designer keen. No dates set as yet or precise plans for a shoot.

The mask is pretty damned close but I think the end result shots will need a bit of touching up to really match you second life look. Lips for example are on the light side and I think the eyebrows are perhaps higher than they should be?

Check your email as I've sent a photo (along with the other Doc Vanderlay masks I secured of ebay).

Let me know what you think. I can also email Rubber Sisters about borrowing your head as well.


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