Wednesday, June 03, 2015

twitter me this...

actually i don't use it and never really have till the recent Kim in latex image and text was emailed over to me by one of keen readers and occasional contributors.

but i noticed the hash-tag and realised there's a vast world out there. hey - even; #latex and Dollfetish

so do any of you follow twitter feeds relevant to all the interests i cover in this blog? if so please post in comments.


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Anonymous said...

I just checked that hashtag. About 60 percent of it was mainstream porn spam, nothing special. Of the remainder, a lot of people getting their jollies on abusing sex dolls in creative ways.

Then again, it's Twitter. (shrugs) Who can expect it to be any good really? I spotted maybe 4, total, on-topic tweets out of the first 30 or so.

Brad P.