Tuesday, March 22, 2016

a perfect accessory? a doll hypno trigger as well?

i've been hunting around on Aliexpress for the mythical high heeled rain boots, then latex, then low cost fetish items, some EGL and had a thought - how about something wearable and removable to engage / trigger a doll hypnosis state?

found a perfect one here at 88 cents each. bought two.... (perhaps i should of bought a box?)

sorry for the awful photo - will replace it with a less shitty one when i can.

so have a look around the site.

i thought the cameo would be perfect due to its victorian EGL feel and timelessness. actual ring loop is cheap and nasty but it always can be re-ringed. beats wearing the chrome collar and cuffs out that i found on the same site. (more about that another day)


update; above is sold out but i found a very similar one at the same price here 

magnifying glass and crap mobile camera:


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