Sunday, March 20, 2016

be inspired - write a caption story.... if not for me, then for her ....

more information on her new tumblr home page

🎼 : ♫ Do you want to build a caption? ♫ (Story Challenge)

The only rule is to include a musical theme in some form, as a central aspect of the story or related to. But try to use lyrics in there.

Do you want to feel encased? Strange words, that kept appearing in my mind. That though never crossed my mind before. Why would I want to be bound? But do you want to be in control? and yet once again that rhyme over and over making itself stronger.. I never dealt with nothing of the sort and yet.. Do you want to be tied? Fuck! No! and how so do you want to submit? Of course not. Who put those thoughts in my mind? I would never do it! And still Do you want to be enthralled? No stop it! Get out of my head.. And so on Do you want to bow to me? And that voice nagging deep into my head.

So I thought Of course I want to feel to be encased… No.. I mean I want to lose control.. Ugh! Fuck yes, tie me.. NO! I will kneel, yes, no, yes! And take my mind away… Not at all! I’m already at your beck and call

That rhyme was getting stronger by the minute, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Someone put those triggers in my head, and I was powerless. I could only surrender. But I wanted to fight and…
Do you want to be my pet? I’m afraid yes, and do you want to wear my clothes? I guess so.. Do you want to be in chains? No, yes, no. Please stop I don’t want to do all that. DO YOU WANT TO BE A BAD GIRL?

The rhyme was getting itself stronger.. And I couldn’t stop it. The more I fought it, the stronger it was. The sound piercing my ears…

Do you want to behave? I will… Do you want to find a mistress?… I guess so..

Finally I let the rhyme control me. I didn’t want to end mad at the ringing sound at the back of my head. As soon as I surrendered, the song stopped. I was at bliss. And there it was my mistress. Humming the tune for me.. She kept singing as I was kneeling. Prepared to submit to her.

Welcome my pet…

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