Tuesday, December 12, 2017

free rubber fetish on Amazon Prime - for your Kindle reader

although very quiet i am discovering and actually meeting readers in SL and DA and they're very creative in what ever media they explore and work in. many appologies to a Second Life friend. work and illness has messed up my life etc since June no less. so not been in world or blogging.

she poked me again and reminded me so here's the links to her  Twitter Feed for regular updates.

up to 4 books in the series. these can be previewed on Amazon and if you have Prime they're free automatically!

here entire series is here.

a snip at 1.33 each or under 4$ for all of them. will add them to my self gifting xmas list. already secured is a pink mp3 player for Doll Thoughts and anything from; Mistress-Love.

if you get the before me - please post a comment / review etc.

and as you may have noticed - the covers are made in Second Life. hmms... perchance she needs a muse.



Sally Bend said...

I picked these up a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to giving them a read!

raptor said...

Thanks, I just picked those books up for my kindle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping to promote my stuff Asudem! I just finished writing book 5 tonight so expect that to come out in a week or so. (I still have to give it a cover and whatnot)

I'd love to hear from everyone on my twitter which should be the link associated with my name. Please feel free to drop me a line there!

-Morgan Redstone