Friday, December 15, 2017

two up now...

i've not heard back from her in a couple of weeks and she now has two of the mp3's completed and available for purchase.

according to her tumbler feed. she has 55 people liking:

meanwhile and somehow i totally missed it the silver catsuit inspired / hypno master D's confirmation of my wishlist all being 'do-able' is the Lovely Lycra Latex Robot Girl is up as well and can be found here.

both of these have short samples you can listen too online or even download.

or you can try this sample video found on youtube:

if memory serves i've a couple more with her to develop as time permits. i am also working on one which could be seen as a prelude to Doll Thoughts - titled 'Latex Forever' to help with my latex daily wearing goals and to bring me to the point where all i can ever wear or want to wear is latex.


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